Sunday, March 24, 2019

My Stray Photographs - Re-examined

Why Stray Photographs?

From time to time, I publish images from my collection of  'stray' photographs. These I've picked up at sales or in charity shops. They have no known connection to my families. Often I use these in my workshops on researching photographs.

I also collect postcards, mostly from British Columbia, Canada, or from places my families lived so these may be listed here too.

A few of these are family photographs of friends and neighbours.

Sometimes I've been able to include a few details about the people shown or the photographer; others are still unknown.

I've started this list on-line as I hope that will make it easier for readers to find a loved one. I have posted photos to other websites, like DeadFred (one of my favourite places) and when I can, I'll post links to those too.

Follow the links to see the photographs and learn what I do know about them. 

Please do let me know if you can identify anyone here or if you see new clues. 

I'd love to hear their stories!

My Stray Photographs - listed alphabetically by surname, if known

Grace Adams - Shopping in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Ted Bowton - London to Saskatchewan, Canada? Wife Emily.

Bernice Chamberland and Merse Ferley - engagement, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Emile Cheramy - not a photograph, but an artifact from his store, Cheramy's Shoe Store & Repairs, Maillardville, Coquitlam, British Columbia.

Polly and Walter Cooper, Mike Cooper, Betty Cooper [Mrs. Lorents Widing]. - Seattle, Washington, USA, 1949.

Ella Wilson Derwacter - Zanesville, Ohio, USA  See also Lida Petty Johnson (?)

L. Doull - Garvin, Saskatchewan, Canada, 1911. Postcard mailed to: Miss Gertrude Walker, Earl Grey, Saskatchewan.

Audrey Downes - Honly, West Yorkshire, 1932. Photograph is at

Yvonne Durnell and Alexander Soppet - married Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 24 August, 1940.

Sally Herbert - in Weston Super Mare, Somerset. Photographer, Sydney Smyth (or possibly Henry Smyth, his son).

Lida Petty Johnson (?) - Zanesville, Ohio, USA  See also Ella Wilson Derwacter.

Klaseus, Klucas family photographs - names include Myrtle Klaseus from Viscount, Saskatchewan, Canada. And Alfred, Richard and Minnie Klucas. Arthur ANDERSIN of Viscount. And Margaret Anderson of Hillsboro [Kansas, U.S.A.?]. See also this Klucas Update for more information.

Joyce? Shand, Mrs James Shand, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, August 1940. (see Durnell & Soppet)

Enid Sheppard, of Vancouver at Prince Rupert, BC, post WW II.

Marjorie Taylor, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, August 1940. (see Durnell & Soppet)

Ethel Yates - Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Photograph is at

Miss M. Young - Kinloch Cottage, Lochranza, Arran, Scotland

Elsa Bank(s) and Hilda, sent to Eric Engdohl in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, 1904.
Possibly from Fleming in Saskatchewan, Canada. Swedish families?

My Stray Photographs - no surnames known (yet)

 "Aunt Maggie", Rosebank, Birsa, Orkney, Scotland

Billie - Clear Lake, Manitoba, Canada, possibly 1919?

Family Portrait with the dog - sadly, almost no information.

Boys at the Marchmont home, Belleville, Ontario, Canada - from Miss MacPherson's home, April 1922. Canadian Home Children.

Unknown woman - photograph by Le Rue Lemer (LeRue Studio), Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA.

Don't forget to contact me if you have new information about any of these.


Shelley said...

What a great service you do with these stray photos. Have you ever found any families that they belong to?

M. Diane Rogers said...

Yes, for a few. One was for photos I posted on I think it was a granddaughter that found me.
And funnily one set of stray photos I realized pretty quickly must 'belong' to a friend's family!