Saturday, August 01, 2020

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - August Challenges, Plans, Projects - Mostly Genealogy

Today it's August already. Only 152 more days left this year! I've been trying to make more of my 'time off' since March, and I don't want to idle away my summer either. 

30 x 30 Challenges for August

Janine Adams, over at Organize Your Family History, proposed a 30 x 30 Challenge for August. Quite a few of us have taken her up on that. I'm sure she'd be happy if you'd like to join in too. Just comment on her blog article here:

Janine intends to work on processing her backlog of downloaded documents. I'm going to do the same - so for 30 minutes X 30 days. 

The free access to so many sites and databases during this trying time is much appreciated, but I want to get busy using and sharing the information in those downloads. I can't do any of that till I've organized the ones tucked away waiting...patiently waiting. (As I go, I'm keeping an eye out for people's signatures. I've always intended to do something with the ones I have. Now I'd like more!)

And by doing this 30 X 30 Challenge, I will get myself back in the groove of organizing them as I go. I did my first 30 minutes first thing this morning. Ta Da! Feeling good for #genealogy. 

I've also got a more personal challenge - to get some exercise every day whether it's a walk, climbing stairs or (mild) yoga. I'm just not used to 'staying home' so much. Although I won't complain about the extra time for both genealogy and reading :-)  In fact, I may add audio book listening to this. 

Exercise is done for today too. I am now keeping track of both challenges. 

Plans, Projects

Project - another photograph album to scan; then to rebox the albums.

Project - to examine and photograph title pages, etc, of the bibles. Why do I have so many? There's a good genealogy question. Maybe I'll have an answer in September.

Plan - of course, I want to attend a few special events. The ones listed below are all free. 

Today and tomorrow, I'm enjoying the Guild of One-Name Studies' August Allsorts Web Seminar with a variety of topics - TNG websites, DNA, directories, the Royal Navy, asylums. Here's the Allsorts Seminar page, follow the link there to the recorded sessions. Free to watch till 14th August.

Then, I'm looking forward to:

The Scottish Indexes Conference, 29/30th of August -  the best! And free. (Donate if you can.)

“Researching Displaced People” with Julie Goucher, 23 August, 2020 - a Virtual Genealogical Association membership webinar

Bout of Books 2917 August - 23 August, 2020- a laid back week-long readathon. 

I keep an eye on the GeneaWebinars calendar for upcoming events.  

For example, this week, 6th August, the Ontario Genealogical Society is hosting a webinar on using ScotlandsPeople with Bruce Durie.

And on 22 August, the Victoria Genealogical Society is sponsoring  "Google Earth Pro: A Geography and History Tool for Genealogists" with Elaine Fraser. 

Of course, now it's time for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun at GeneaMusings

Today, Randy Seaver asks: "Did You or Your Children Know Their Great-Grandparents?" 

No, I did not know my great grandparents.  

Although I heard quite a bit about all of those on Mum's side (Mary Janet Wood / Walter Scott; Janet Carmichael / William Irwin) and some about Sarah Anne Staines / David Saggers on Dad's side. Almost nothing about Mary Ann White / William Rogers, my paternal great grands. 

My dear children knew and remember one of their greatgrands - my maternal grandmother, "Na", Amy Scott (née Irwin). I posted a photo of her with the kids for another of Randy's recent challenges. She was born in 1884, and died too soon in 1983. See their photo here.

As it happens, I have just finished one of my July challenges - to rescan one of Na's photo albums. Here's a photo I love from that album. 

Yes, that's my Mum, on the horse. If you look closely you can see she's either really upset or 'mad as a hatter'. I can hear her now - "Get me down, down, down! I'm going to run away and be a city girl!" And Na, "Shush, shush. Nothing worth tears, your father's taking a picture. It'll only be one more minute."

Neither could have guessed this photo might be seen anywhere in the world on the Internet 100 years later. 

You may notice, at the top of the photo, that scrawled "ME". Yes, when she was little, Mum wrote on quite a few pictures of herself. Now, if I'd even thought of doing such a thing, there'd have been such trouble! 

Emancipation Day in Canada - 1st of August

It's August already! In British Columbia, that means a holiday weekend for BC Day reimagined this year, of course, with masks and social distancing. And 'tiny bubbles'. 

And today, 1st of August, it's Emancipation Day, commemorating the British "Abolition of Slavery Act" of 1833 which did not abolish slavery immediately, but began an end to slavery in the British Empire- a day for all of us connected to the former Empire to reflect particularly on our history with slavery and what that has meant and still means to our more modern history. My 'home town', Vancouver, proclaimed this Emancipation Day. 

And the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada has announced new designations: 
  • The Enslavement of African People in Canada, (c. 1629–1834)
  • The West Indian Domestic Scheme, 1955-1967
  • Black Loyalist Richard Pierpoint (c. 1744–1838)
  • Heavyweight boxer Larry Gains (1900-1983)

More about Emancipation Day events and the designations in two articles at CityNews 1130-

Sunday, July 12, 2020


Another stray postcard from my collection - this time a North Vancouver scenic card, set from Nanaimo to Koksilah, BC. 

Written to "Ada" in May 1913 by "your loving husband, Richard" and addressed to "Mrs Griffiths, c/o Mrs Ferneyhough, Koksilah Hotel".

Koksilah was a station on the Esquimalt and Nanaimo (E&N) Railway about 40 miles from Victoria, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Mrs. Ferneyhough (Minnie) was the postmistress, and, according to the 1910 census and directory, her husband William ran the hotel. 

Richard and Ada (Freethy) were married in Duncan on Vancouver Island in 1912. 
Love the xxx xxx s.  And the flourish in his handwriting.