Monday, November 11, 2019

Remembrance Day - Vancouver BC Canada - American Can Co. Ltd. Honor Roll

Roll of Honor, American Can Ltd., Employees, 

Vancouver, BC. 

For some time, I have been collecting postcards showing War Memorials from around British Columbia, Canada. This one is a bit unusual. Although many churches, organizations, municipalities and employers did honour their military people on Rolls, this is the only one I've seen on a postcard.

American Can Company was in operation in Vancouver on the waterfront from the 1910s, manufacturing tin cans.

Likely this is a WW I only Honour Roll. The company's 1920s building was repurposed in the 1980s and the Roll is not in the City Archives. I would very much like to know what happened to this Roll.

Three employees are listed here as Killed. 

W. Cunningham
W. Cook
G. Irving 

If you are related to them, or to any of the others on the Roll, 
I would like to hear from you.

BOTHAM, H.G.72nd Seaforth High.
CARROLL, J.31st BC Horse
GIBSON, J.Artillery
MARSEY, F.131st Battalion
MCCULLUM, D.131st Battalion
MOORE, F.Engineers
GIBSON, R.47th Battalion
WALTERS, E.121st Battalion
MANUEL, R.121st Battalion
MANN, C.31st BC Horse
THOMPSON, W.121st Battalion
TERRY, W.158th Battalion
THOMPSON, J.62nd Battalion
HAWKINS, J.121th  Battalion
FLYNN, P.158th Battalion
BROWNING, A.158th Battalion
FORSYTH, W.47th Battalion
ALLWOOD, C.Artillery
CEDARHOLM, C.121st  Battalion
CRISPIN, V.131st Battalion
TEAD, G.121st Battalion
COOK, D.121st Battalion
COLLINS, J.121st Battalion
MATTHEWS, G.14th  Battalion
MITCHELL, J.72nd  Seaforth High.
WAGSTAFFE, A.Engineers
TAYLOR, E.158th Battalion
MACDONALD, B.121th Battalion
LEE, G.H.158th Battalion
LESSIMORE, A.72nd Seaforth High.
HITCHINGS, W.72nd Seaforth High.
ARMSTRONG, R.121st Battalion
CUNNINGHAM, W.72nd Seaforth High. Killed.
CRAIGAE, G.121st Battalion
FERGUSON, S.158th Battalion
COOK, W.Irish Fusiliers. Killed.
SIMONS, W.6 th D.G.O.
WESTMAN, H.143rd Battalion
STRIDE, L.143rd Battalion
WALKER, J.143rd Battalion
VARLEY, J.158th Battalion
SIBSON, F.158th Battalion
GOWELL, W.158th Battalion
IRVING, G.104th Battalion, Killed.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Another Stray - A Postcard this time - a birth announcement Mass. USA to Edmonton, Canada 1908

This time my Stray is not a photograph, but a postcard - a birth announcement from Massachusetts, USA sent to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I picked this charming postcard up at the Vancouver Rare Book, Photograph & Paper Show this month along with some other special items. Don't miss the Show next year.

Just a line now. On my back.
June 3rd 1908 at 2 p.m.-  a 7 1/4 pound daughter.
Love Ethel H.

Sent to: 
Miss Louise D W Moore
Edmonton, Alberta
Box 886

I suspect Louise D W Moore is Louise De Wolf Moore who was a teacher in Victoria, BC. She died in 1930.  That Louise's obituary in Victoria doesn't mention family. (The Daily Colonist, Victoria, BC, Canada, 15 March 1930, page 5.

I do see Louise DW Moore in the 1916 census still living with her parents in Edmonton. I'll be investigating.

Now who could Louise's friend Ethel H be? If you know or if you can read the Massachusetts postmark, please let me know.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Family Finding Seminar - From the Paper to the Science - Victoria Genealogical Society - Sat. Oct 26th, 2019

Registration is now underway for the Victoria Genealogical Society Seminar 2019 - Saturday, October 26th.  


This will be a lively Seminar, packed with ideas, tips and information, as Brenda L. Smith and I take participating genealogists through the genealogical life cycle of birth, marriage and death, and on into today's genetic tools.  

And as a bonus feature, there will be a dedicated session for questions and answers. 
Also included  - morning coffee/tea, a  midday break with snacks, handout materials, and great door prizes too.

Register now - all the details are on the Victoria Genealogical Society's website:

Download the .pdf poster here.