SAGGERS - One Name Study

I've registered my paternal grandmother's maiden surname, Saggers, with the Guild of One-Name Studies. (2015) I'm also researching these variants of Saggers - Sagger, Saggar, and Saggars - and Saggus.

I've also now (2021) registered my interest in the surname Saggerson. This is a fledgling study; I hope to do some concentrated work on it during 2022!

I am also a member of The Surname Society.

I do have a website for Saggers surname research - Saggers Families Worldwide, sponsored by the Guild of One-Name Studies.

In the meantime, you may reach me through the Guild of One-Name Studies' Saggers research page, this e-mail address: or this website, CanadaGenealogy, or, Jane's Your Aunt.

I am happy to share the information I have on worldwide Saggers families and to receive information on any Saggers families. I'm also interested in anyone with Saggers or Saggerson, or a variant as a given name.


valevers said...

Hi just come accross this when I entered Saggers into the Surname Society search box. my mother in law was Kathleen Susan Saggers born UK in 1917 I was intending to add this to the Society's research page but dont want to overlap any info you may already have my Saggers line goes back to Leicestershire middle 1600s do you have a connection to this line?

M. Diane Rogers said...

Hi, valevers. I don't have a personal Saggers line that goes back to Leicestershire, England, but I am doing a full one-name study so am interested in any and all Saggers. I will check my database to see what I might have. Your research sounds very interesting!