Thursday, May 02, 2019

Sunday Strays and Surnames - Zanesville, Ohio, USA - Wilson, Derwacter

A bit early, I'm posting another of my stray photos.

p This time my stray is from Cumberland, Ohio, USA. The photographer was C.E. Wortman, Artist.

She is identified on the back in pencil as Ella Wilson Derwacter. 

I believe I've found information about her - if so, she died in Zanesville, Ohio in 1939, aged 72 and her maiden name was Wilson. Her middle initial was "M".

Love her sleeves and the detail (beaded? buttons?) and the tucks on her dress and collar. And it looks as if there is a similar pin in her hair.

At the same time as I picked up this photograph in Seattle, I bought another from Zanesville, of a woman identified, again in pencil on the back, as Lida Pitty Johnson. There could be a relationship so I will post her photograph later in the week. See Lida's photograph here, published 6 May 2019.

If you know more about Ella Wilson Derwacter (or the photographer), please do be in touch either in a comment or by e-mail.

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