Monday, May 06, 2019

Sunday Strays and Surnames - Zanesville, Ohio, USA - Petty, Johnson

Today my stray photograph comes from Zanesville, Ohio, USA. 

At the same time as I picked up this photograph in Seattle, I bought another taken in Columbus, Ohio, of a woman identified in pencil on the back as Ella Wilson Derwacter. There could be a relationship between these two women, so please look at Ella's photograph too which I posted last week.

Identified in pencil on the back as Lida Petty Johnson (?). 

The photographer, Sedgwick, is likely Mr. H. M. Sedgwick, identified by an area newspaper as "the popular photographer of Zaneville" in 1883. (Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, Ohio, USA, June 19, 1883, page 4. Available on-line at

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Judy Gutierrez said...

I love these old photographs. It is such a shame that they sometimes end up tossed out or just left behind, to end up in antique shops. I always love to read when a photo gets reunited with family! Thanks for sharing.