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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada - 1898

Kelowna and Its Surroundings 

In The Province of British Columbia Dominion of Canada 

Published by the Agricultural and Trades Association of Okanagan Mission Valley, 1898. 

This 1898 pamphlet is in my own collection of ephemera. It's faded, a bit stained, but is a great introduction to the economic history of Kelowna and area.

It gives us a tour of the Kelowna ranching and farming areas in 1898 and promotes the opportunities available then. 

I've included here two photographs and added a brief index (created by myself; square brackets indicate I have added information) to the people and businesses, etc. mentioned in "Kelowna and Its Surroundings"

Clearly, it does not refer to all Kelowna's inhabitants (neither do the directories), but mostly to prominent men's names and to those interested and involved in promoting local industry and development at that time. For comparison, or if your vintage Kelowna family name isn't here, or if you are looking for given names for an individual, refer to the 1898 Henderson's British Columbia Gazetteer and Directory sections for Kelowna here and Okanagan Mission here. (BC City Directories, 1860-1955, Vancouver Public Library, vpl.ca )

The pamphlet was published by The Province Publishing Co. Ltd., Lty. of Victoria and Vancouver, BC, Canada. There is no identification for the writer or photographer(s).

Far below is a link to my 'as-is' .pdf copy of the pamphlet. You are free to use it in a historical or genealogical non-commercial project or research but do include the credit line. Contact me for any other use or if in doubt.

Mr T W Stirling's Orchard


Lakeview Hotel - Arch. MacDonald 

Kelowna Shippers Union - (and Manufacturers of Cigars)

Lequime Bros & Co., - dry goods, etc.

Crowley & Downton, butchers

D W Sutherland, Notary Public, Conveyancer, Insurance Agent

Mr Collin's Tobacco Field--Okanagan Mission Valley, near Kelowna, BC


Kelowna and Okanagan Lake

The Wharf, Kelowna

Mr T W Stirling's Orchard

Mr G Whelan's Orchard and House

Duck Lake

The Episcopal Church, Kelowna

Mr Collins' Tobacco Field - Okanagan Mission Valley, Near Kelowna BC

Mr G Whelan's Orchard and House.


 Mr T Woods

Wm. Postill

Mr Swallwell

Duck Lake

Mr A Postill (the late)

Mr G Whelan

Mr J Christien

Mr Conroy

Mr Price Ellison, MPP

Mr J T Davies

Mr LaBelle

Mr Dell

Mr Watson

Mr B E Crichton

Mr W D Hobson, Justice

Mr G G Mackay (the late), Mackay Meadows

Mr Eli Lequime, Lequime Ranch

Mr Collins and Mr Holman (tobacco fields)

Mr Bernard Lequime

Indian Mission, Roman Catholic Church

Mr J Corsorso

Mr Fitzgerald Healey

Mr Tidmarsh

Gusichan Ranch, Lord Aberdeen's property

Mr Alan Crichton

Mr Crozier

Mr Ray

Mr J L Pridham, JP

Mr Dundas

Mr T W Stirling

Mr Knox, Knox Ranch

SS Aberdeen

Kelowna Shippers' Union Company Ltd.

Lequime and Lloyd Jones -sawing and planing mills

Mr McDonald - Lakeview Hotel

Church of England Church [Episcopal]

Mr Bailey, Postmaster and librarian - Kelowna Lending Library

Lequime and Waddell's General Store - Superintendent Mr Weddell

Mr C S Smith - Managing Director of the Kelowna Shippers' Union

Mr C A S Atwood - Secretary of the Kelowna Shippers' Union

The Agricultural and Trades Association of Okanagan Mission - founders: Mr Bailey, George Rose [tobacco farmer], Mr Atwood, Mr Raymur, Mr Crozier. In 1898 - President, Mr Raymur; Vice-President, Mr Stirling; Secretary, Mr Watson.

DOWNLOAD a .pdf copy of Kelowna and Its Surroundings...1898 here for historical or genealogical non-commercial purposes (OneDrive link; 8.84 MB). Include the credit line and link: Courtesy of M. Diane Rogers, CanadaGenealogy, or Jane's Your Aunt: https://canadagenealogy.blogspot.com 

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EvaAnne Johnson said...

What a great piece of ephemera to have! I don't have any family in the area, but if I did, I'd be so happy to take a look at this pamphlet! Just a side note, I'm so glad that the librarian is a prominent enough person to mention in this pamphlet in 1898! Thanks for sharing!

Laura Hedgecock said...

What a valuable resource for that area. I never knew, for example, that tobacco was grown there.

M. Diane Rogers said...

Yes, I liked the mention of the Kelowna Lending Library and librarian. On my next trip there I hope to find out more about it.