Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Engagement photo - Chamberland and Ferley, Canada

Still thinking about 'stray' photos.

This one is really sweet!

An engagement announcement - for Bernice Chamberland and Merse Ferley. Maybe they'd been to a fair? They do look so happy. Hoping it was always so.

I believe Bernice and my Mum were friends. I found what I think must be Bernice's graduation as a nurse at St. Boniface, Manitoba, Canada in 1939 mentioned in the Winnipeg, Manitoba paper, (The Winnipeg Evening Tribune, May 18, 1939, page 8) and a mention from 1940 that "Miss Bernice Chamberland, R. N. of the Red Cross Hospital, Emo, Ont. is spending a few days in Winnipeg." (The Winnipeg Evening Tribune, April 29, 1940, page 15).

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