Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sunday Strays & Surnames - Bowton (Bouton, Bawton ?), Dennis & Gibbens?

Uncle Ted and Aunt Emily, London, England to Saskatchewan, Canada? 

A Stray Photograph

An unusual mounted photograph, showing a well dressed gentleman, taken in front of printing equipment, somewhere in London, England. This is from my 'Stray Photograph Collection'.  I bought this partly because it is unusual and partly as I'm interested in printers and printing. 

On the back is written, with a ballpoint pen and possibly in two different hands:

Uncle Ted Bowton
beside printing press

Uncle Ted was a machinist and looked after these printing presses in London. When Dad sent the fare for mother to come to Canada to be married he also paid Aunt Emily's return fare so mother would have company. This gave them the idea money came easy in Canada. So they came to Canada to farm. A poor move because he was no farmer. 

Well, Uncle Ted was certainly not alone! 

Canada's farmland was often unforgiving. And so very different from life on the outskirts of London, England. He must have been well thought of at his company in England as this seems to be a very professional looking photograph. 

I think this may be Edward Bowton, who married Emily Dennis in 1897 in Essex, England. In 1901, it appears they were living at Wanstead Slip (Cann Hall), Essex, England. He is listed on the census as a "mechanical engineer fitter". I believe that later they both came to Canada headed for Abernathy, Saskatchewan and settled in the Saltcoats area. Perhaps they were related to Dennis and Gibbens families.

Please let me know if you recognize Uncle Ted in a comment or by e-mail.

My Stray Photograph Collection

I've created a list of stray photos I've posted about over the last while. Please take a look. 

I would like to see them all identified and copies of the photos in family hands again. Please comment or contact me if you know one of these people or families.


Sarah Bell said...

I love the idea of a 'stray photograph'! This is an all too common happening in genealogy. While I don't recognise Uncle Ted, you've done a wonderful job of explaining this unique image. Here's hoping you find someone who knows more!

genealogylizgauffreau said...

What an interesting post! The brief paragraph on the back of the photograph encapsulates what could be an entire novel. Fascinating!

M. Diane Rogers said...

That's true, genealogylizgauffreau! So many stories are out there. But this one someone remembered.
And I often wonder how the photographs end up where they do. This one got all the way to New Westminster in BC.

M. Diane Rogers said...

Thank you, Sarah Bell. I've found several old family postcards myself at ephemera sales. I was pretty excited.
So I'm hoping the details I have will reach the right person even if it takes a while.

Making Their Stories Known said...

I love this post agree with Sarah Bell about the "stray photograph." Such a great idea! Using your blog to help others in the genealogical community find their family is so wonderful!

ScotSue said...

What a fascinating project you have undertaken. I would love to pick up “stray” photographs and be the detective in finding information on them, but have little opportunity to come across any, apart from the usual online sources.

ChicagoGenealogy said...

This post offers polished text and a purposeful, interesting read. It doesn't get any better than that! I happen to be researching printers at the moment (New York City in the late 1800s) and seeing the press adds perspective. Wonderful photo. I hope descendants surf in one day. It'll be a nice surprise!