Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Family Connections Experiment - 21 Days Experience

Family Connections Experiment 2020
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Don't laugh! I've decided to join another challenge this month. I was thinking of just making one up for myself, so hearing about the 21 Day Family Connections Experiment today on a Legacy Webinar was very timely.

And it doesn't matter that I 'missed' Day 1 which was May 1st. I can start now and simply carry on. There are 18 days left now in May, and many 'distancing' days ahead, I think, so I don't see this as any problem.

This is an Experiment "in gathering data to show the results of an increased focus on family connections." It has always seemed to me that for most people the process of connecting with each other, and connecting with the past, are both important to our daily lives and our individual growth.
Given current conditions, with many of us cut off from our usual routines and experiences, this is an opportunity to share our family and personal history with family members and others.

Anyone can join. And it is free. I was asked to fill out a short questionnaire to begin, and I'll be filling one out at the end. And I asked to join the Connections-Experiment Facebook group.

The Connections Experiment website has several suggested 'Plans" with many suggestions for daily activities and resources or you can make up your own plan. "Family history activities in this 21 DAY experience will go beyond traditional genealogical tasks." There are ideas for teens, for example, for writing your own history, and for families, even one for those who say "My Tree is Done".

And have a look at the Evidence page with links to articles, a webinar and the like. Don't miss that Ikea commercial. Think of future family dinners with a lively family history twist!

Mine is a variation on the 'About Me' Plan. Every day, I'm going to blog about some 'family object' which has suggested some kind of story to me. And I'm going to bug my kids (OK, strongly suggest) that they read the stories here.

I've started and stopped doing this before so 21 days will be a challenge but also a boost to our family history. Someday the objects may be gone, but I hope the stories will linger. And in the spirit of this Experiment, I'll try to explore both positive and not so positive aspects of our family history. There are lessons in all of our stories.

Lots of family objects (stuff) on the shelves and walls right here to explore during the next 21 days.

To learn all about the 21 Day Connections Experiment, go to: 

Connect with the Connections Experiment on Instagram, in the Facebook group,  onTwitter, and at TikTok.

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