Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sunday Strays - DIXON, Sintaluta, Saskatchewan; BURDON, Corvallis, Oregon, 1910 - Day 11 - 21 Day Family Connections Experiment

Today is Day 11 of my 21 Day Family Connections Experiment.

These Sunday Strays are from my postcard collection - and not (as far as I know) related to my families. 

Names & places:  DIXON, Sintaluta, Saskatchewan, Canada; BURDON, Corvallis, Oregon, USA.

Two handsome fellows, one is the sender, I think. There is faint writing beside the photo, but I think it may have been transferred from another card or document, perhaps while stored in someone's album.  I was interested to see the cut edge of another photograph on this postcard; perhaps there is another very similar postcard in another collection? 

Sent to Miss Mary Dixon, Sintaluta, Saskatchewan, Canada. Postmarked Mar 6, 1910, Corvallis, Oregon, USA.

The message reads: Dear Mary  
I am getting along all right. Hoping you are all well. Write soon to
J J [?] c/o Mr Tom Burdon Corvallis Oregon RFD Rout 4

Mary Dixon may have been the daughter of William and Minnie Dixon. If so, it appears she was born in 1893 in Canada and later married Otto Carl Jansen.

I see a Thomas G Burdon (born in Canada, 1890) listed in the 1910 US census as living in Oregon with his mother, Susana, and a sister, Minnie.

If you know these people, please contact me.

While this postcard is not associated with my own families, it is in  my 'Stray collections'.  And every collector needs to have a plan and a conversation with their heirs about the disposition of these, if necessary.

So far, my plan is to have the Strays donated to the Vancouver Postcard Club. By scanning them and putting the details I have on the web, I hope to share them with appropriate families long before we need to worry about this. But this may spark a family discussion! 

For more about the 21 Day Family Connections Experiment, see my first Experiment article here.


The Bigham Family said...

I have come across photos in my search and researched the family. I have mailed several pictures to their family.

Elizabeth M. O'Neal said...

"Sunday Strays"... I love that! Have you thought of sharing your "strays" on Dead Fred or Ancient Faces? Many people actively check there for photos of their ancestors.

M. Diane Rogers said...

Hi, Elizabeth, I do have photos on Dead Fred. Usually the ones with some information I post elsewhere too. I am thinking of a Strays Album on Flickr too.