Monday, May 25, 2020

Saggers Family Collection - Day 12 - 21 Day Family Connections Experiment

Today is Day 12 of my 21 Day Family Connections Experiment.

Since I mentioned my Stray Postcard and Photograph Collection yesterday, I thought I might say something about my Saggers Family Collection - and my Saggers Surname Study.

Sarah Frances Saggers was my paternal grandmother. I always knew a little about her family who had all come here to Vancouver from England. I think she coached my dad so he'd remember a few things! 

As far as my Saggers Family Collection goes, it's very small. I've written already about a few of Grandma Sarah's books that I have,  And in the 'Rogers' box dad gave me were some papers relating to her father's estate which Grandpa Joe Rogers (Sarah's husband) helped with. Inside the box was Grandma's photo album, and some loose photos. As well there were school photos and a few papers about my dad and his brother, David. 

Photographs above I believe were taken at Burton End, Stansted, Essex. The ones below say "Dad's Old Home", Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire, England.

Last year, I rescanned the photo album and all of the photos in it. Many are of Saggers relations here in Vancouver. A few must have been sent from England, like the ones above which apparently show the family's last home at Burton End. And my Great Grandpa David Saggers 'old home' in Bassingbourn in Cambridgeshire.  

At some points, Grandma organized most of the photographs onto pages. Many photos are glued down; some are held in with photo corners. On some pages she wrote a descriptive heading. Not always. And it does not appear she kept any of the letters I believe she received from England which may have explained some of the photos. Nor did she note any of her family members, except for one school photo. And a few people might be relatives from Grandpa's side of the family? (Rogers/White)

Unidentified; but I can see Grandpa Rogers there, and Grandma in the front row, I think. Possibly taken in Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC. 

If anyone looks familiar, please do contact me. Last year, I put all these photos in a virtual album and I sent links to some relatives. If you'd like to see them too, let me know. 

I hope that all these stay in the family, but all the information on my Saggers families also is in my Saggers One-Name Study, along with data on all the other Saggers families I've researched up till now around the world. All this surname study information, I hope, will have another 'custodian' someday soon. But in any case, it will be preserved by the Guild of One-Name Studies as I am a member. The Saggers Surname Study is part of the Guild's Member Website Project, currently 300 strong! A photo of Grandma Sarah appeared in the latest Guild newsletter in an article about Guild members blogging and mentioned her Christmas cake recipe. 

For more about the 21 Day Family Connections Experiment, see my first Experiment article here.

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