Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who Are You? I Really Want To Know! 9th Edition, Smile For The Camera - KAUFMANN, TRAGLING, SAMKS

Here's a likely pair of photo studio cowboys - what we used to call 'drugstore cowboys' but these must be the 'one day only- just for the folks at home' kind, I think. Wonder if the photographer charged extra for these very fancy togs, eh! And a handgun?

This is a postcard I bought some time ago. Would love to know where these two hailed from and where they mosied on over to later. And was Lena a sweetheart, a sister, a friend?

Postcard, unmailed. Electric Studio, [illegible] Hastings St. W. Vancouver, BC [Canada]
Addressed to Miss Lena Samks (?), St Bonifacius [Minnesota, USA?]
Written on the back: Bert Tragling, C. Kaufmann May/6/12
According to David Mattison's 'Camera Workers', the Electric Studio (aka the Electric Photo Studio) operated in Vancouver, BC, Canada, from 1910 to 1919, first by George H. Buck (or Boak) and George Borden, later by Buck only.

Who Are You? I Really Want To Know! is for the 9th Edition of Smile For The Camera.


Camera Workers: The British Columbia Photographic Directory, 1858-1950 - B - Volume 2 (1901-1950) by David Mattison:

Smile For The Camera:

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