Saturday, January 10, 2009

Genea-Bloggers Visit Ancestry, January 2009

Most of us doing genealogy and family history use one way or another. Many of us love to hate it, but can't think about life without it either.

Some genea-bloggers were given a special tour yesterday and had the chance to listen to's (The Generations Network - TGN) people and to ask them questions.

Interesting that TGN is aware of the power of genea-blogging. Wonder if anyone from outside the USA was invited?

For now, keep an eye on these three bloggers for news about this. I'll post links to other bloggers' reactions later:

Randy Seaver:
The Ancestry Insider:

Addition - Diane Haddad At the Genealogy Insider (Family Tree Magazine-USA) has just posted her first comments on this trip:

No real international content news yet - maybe Internet Genealogy/Family Chronicle need their own visible blogger? (mmmm...) Leland Meitzler of the Genealogy Blog wasn't invited, but I think/hope he will be commenting:

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