Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Oldest Working Fridge in British Columbia, Canada - BC Hydro Contest

BC Hydro, a provincial crown corporation, the electric power company in British Columbia, Canada, recently sponsored a contest to find the oldest working refrigerator in the province - part of BC Hydro's campaign to reduce the use of inefficient fridges and save energy.

The oldest found, from Surrey, BC, is a 1930's Frigidaire, but the most unique was found in Powell River, BC - a turquoise 1957 GE. Wow!

If I had a fridge like that, I' d keep it even just to store things in it! Our 1950's fridge was a pain as I remember; nothing 'modern' like this one. Twink, the cat, loved our old fridge though - she slept underneath near the warm motor.

Have a look at these two winning fridges here:

What kind of fridges (or iceboxes?) do you remember??

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