Sunday, May 03, 2020

Sunday Strays - JOHNSON, Shellbrook Saskatchewan / ERICKSON, Wilton, North Dakota

More strays from my postcard collection - this time one sent from Wilton, North Dakota, USA to Shellbrook, Saskatchewan in Canada, I think in 1910. ( The postmark isn't clear.) 

I did pick up this postcard in British Columbia, so it is possible that there is or was a family connection here. Might be another clue. Many from the prairies did 'retire' out here, of course. The weather is so much better! 

I can see there were several Johnsons around Shellbrook, Saskatchewan. And Ericksons around Wilton, North Dakota. Not making any guesses this time.

My (no doubt poor) translation of this message is that's it's greetings / love to all of you - from the ten of us.  A joke!  I'm hoping someone else can translate this better. Let me know what you think, please.

For the rest of the spring and summer, I'm planning on posting 'Strays'  on Sundays and 'Family Treasures' on Thursdays. Watch for them.

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