Sunday, July 14, 2019

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - More Questions 11-15

Fun at the Photographers!
The Rogers children, 1950s, Vancouver, BC

It was Saturday Night again - and time for some more Genealogy Fun at Randy Seaver's Genea-Musings!! This Saturday he's asking genealogists to answer Part 3 of the 20 questions Ellen Thompson-Jennings posted at Hound on the Hunt two weeks ago - "Even More Questions About Your Ancestors and Maybe A Few About You" (27 June, 2019).

I'll catch up with the rest this week but here are my answers to #11-15. Check out Ellen's blog (link above) to see all the questions.

11. If money wasn’t an issue; where would you go to do genealogy research?

Yes, I could do some research there, although now I do a lot on-line, but better yet, I could take my kids. We would see all the places their families lived, visit the churches, learn about the country, and likely meet some living family. Now, of course, I’d want us to go to Norway (there are a couple of Norwegians who married in), and Denmark and Iceland and Finland too. And maybe on the way home, we could hop over to Scotland? To get them a drink at the Canal Inn in Falkirk (our James and Judith Scott ran the Inn way back) and the Orkneys and the Hebrides. Lots of Scandinavian influence (and DNA) in those places.

12. Do you ever feel like you’re the only person researching your family?

But the ease and lower prices of DNA kits for genealogy have interested some of the younger family members. I’m hoping they start branching out their own trees, and take up a surname or two.

13.Why do you think you’re interested in your family history and other family members might not be?

I grew up with some stories about my mum’s side of my family, but very few about my dad’s. And because of migration and geography, and since I’m one of the young cousins in my generation, I didn’t know my cousins or other closer relatives as many of my friends did. And I was always interested in history, especially Canadian history. I started genealogy to answer questions from Mum’s stories, but I think I got hooked when I realized I felt myself ‘finding family’ even though most were gone.

14. Do you intend to write about your genealogy/family history findings?

I do write about my family history finds – sometimes here on my blog or in a genealogical society journal, but much of my writing is still on my computers. I’m not thinking of ever writing ‘the one big family book’ though, perhaps several smaller books on the various lines, or a few special topics. I’m working on one right now about a set of family postcards, for example.

15. Did you ever make a genealogy mistake that caused you to have to prune your family tree?

Not yet! But then I think I’m pretty wary of adding people till I’ve got lots of evidence, perhaps because most of my family names are so common.  I do have a number of speculative files and trees. And a small collection of ‘not us!’ BMD certificates. (Mostly surname: White)


The Bigham Family said...

I love this idea and am going to start following to get writing prompts. Thank you for sharing. I had the opportunity two years ago to visit Germany, which is were my grandmother was born and raised. I loved that trip.

Molly of Molly’s Canopy said...

Interesting responses! On Question 12, I used to think I was the only one researching, too. But then I discovered a whole bunch of cousins on my Irish line — descendants of my great-grandmother’s many siblings — and individual cousins on other lines. They contacted me after reading my blog. So happily I discovered I am NOT alone in my research, which has made it more fun.