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ROGERS-SAGGERS, VANCOUVER, BC - 1940s, 1950s address book

My grandma and grandpa Rogers, 1940s, 5205 Chester St., South Vancouver, BC - Sarah Frances Saggers with Joseph James - Joe - Rogers. The photograph was likely taken by their son, my father, George. 

ROGERS-SAGGERS, VANCOUVER, BC - 1940s, 1950s family and friends

Recently I've been working on a number of personal family transcription projects, including an account of my Na's trip to Alaska in 1954. I'm always interested to see who 'turns up' in the people associated with these project documents.

Below is a list of those included in Sarah Frances Rogers' (née Saggers), my paternal grandmother's 1940s-50s address book, a simple black notebook. For Greater Vancouver, BC people the book has addresses, and phone numbers, if applicable, in grandma's writing. Many entries have been XXX out and another address added in later in the book, so there are duplicates. Some writing is hard to read; I'm comparing the information with directory listings. Grandma most often used "City" for Vancouver - quite common for addressing letters then, so I'm using that.

A few entries have other remarks, for example, the first name of some women. The book is not dated, but does have inside the cover the birthdays of my mum and dad, my little brother and myself, along with a newspaper clipping announcing me as 'Baby Rogers'.

When I first became interested in genealogy I used to ask my dad, her son, who the people were in the few photographs he had. Some he did know, of course, like his aunts. But others? "Oh", he'd say, "some cousin or maybe somebody from church."  Not much help to a genealogist. But over the years, most now have names.

Some in this address book are certainly cousins, some are grandmother's sisters, and her one brother then living. Some may indeed be people from church which was then, I believe, St. Peter's Anglican Church in South Vancouver and, I expect, a number are my grandmother's friends. Possibly a few were customers of my grandpa's.

The addresses are long out of date (but useful for research, of course). Here I've included only names and places. If you recognize a name, please do get in touch or comment. I'd love to hear from you.

Name Address - City is Vancouver BC Canada
Mrs Wallace City
Mrs Chambers City
Mrs Barrett (Charlie) City
Mrs W M Walby Saskatoon Sask
Miss Barker South Saskatoon Sask
Hilda Staines as was / Mrs Ashby San Francisco Calif USA
Mrs Davies City
Walter Cooper San Leandro Calif USA
Betty Cooper Seattle 7 Wash
Mrs Cornish Quesnel BC / Box 157 / Winfield /RR 1 Kelowna BC
Miss Cassidy Victoria BC
Mrs Stiegles Tacoma Wash USA
Mrs Cooper Seattle Wash USA
Mrs J Hill Mair Sask
Miss Green / Mrs M Fanning City
Mrs J Raferty Victoria BC
Mrs F W Winteringham Lone Butte BC
Mrs Nibb Victoria BC
(Ethel) Mrs Russell Manor Farm Bassingbourn Royston nr Herts England
Miss E & N Saggers Restmore Bassingbourn nr Royston Herts England
Mrs A Saggers North End Bassingbourn nr Royston Herts England
Mrs Staines 67 Leigh Road London East Ham GC
Walter Cooper San Leandro Calif
Betty Cooper as was / Mrs L L Widing Seattle Wash
Mr and Mrs GE Cooper City
Mrs Earl Halvesen Tacoma Wash
Joe's brother Mr J Rogers Toronto Ont Canada
Cunningham / Mrs Pickner ? Toronto Ont Canada 
Eileen / Mrs W M Walby Wilkie Sask
Mrs J Hill Maryfield Saskatchewan
Miss Green   18 Clounore ? St Southfields London SW England
Mrs Ambrose Windy Ridge Railton Road Rugby England
Mrs H Chester Brooms ? End / Fairfield Stansted Essex England
Mrs Black South Burnaby
Mrs Buskin City
Mrs Davies City
Mrs Clark City
Mrs Morrison City
Mrs Burchall City
Mrs Currell City
Mrs Boyda City
Mrs Wray Westmore Pender Harbour BC
Mrs Swanbeck City
Mrs Rafferty Victoria BC
Lorne ? Getterman Calgary Alberta 
Mrs W M Walby Wilkie Sask
Mrs W Leith City
Mrs Cecil White City
Grace / Mrs Winteringham City
Mrs A C WhiteCity
Mrs Hannie ? City
Marion / Mrs James City 
Dick Thompson City 
Mrs Westwood City
Jessie & Bertie City
Frances Mrs Froats  City
Margery Mrs Smylie City
Mrs Westwood City
Frances Mrs Froats  Huntingdon Park California Calif
Mrs Bowling City
Mrs Hawkins City
Mrs M R Fanning City
Mrs Barrett   City 
Mrs J Hill Maryfield Sask
Flo City
Jim City
Dora City
Kenny City
Elsie City
Annie / Mrs G Westwood Alberni BC
Lou  City
Charlie  City
Dick   City
Larry City
Mrs G Walker City 
Mrs Boul___? Melva Ladner BC 
Mrs A C White City
Frances Mrs Froats  San Mateo Calif
Mrs Laviolette City
Mrs Surges ?  New Westminster
Mrs H Young City
Connie ? Miss Ellerman Calgary Alberta
Mrs G Grierson City
Mrs E Chambers City
Mrs R J Ross City
Mrs Buskins City  
Mrs Black South Burnaby 
Mrs Currell City
Edie Green niece
Mrs N Furneaux 216 Stansted Rd Bishop Storford Herts
Mrs Froats Frances City 
Mrs W Leith Saanichton Van Island BC
Mrs Smylie North Vancouver
Mrs H Barrett City
Mrs Currell City
Mrs Surges ?  City
Mrs Hawtkins ?/ Mrs Hawkins ? City
Mrs Bowling City
Mrs Leviliotte Victoria BC
Mrs W Leith Brentwood BC
Mrs Gordon Westwood Alberni BC
Mrs Colin Westwood South Burnaby
Frances  / Mrs Froat City
Mrs J Robertson City
Mrs Ralph Smylie Regina Sask
Mr Baron City
Mrs Frances? City
Mrs G E Cooper City
Mrs Wilding Seattle Wash
Mrs E Thompson City 
Edith Blair / Mrs Palmer
Mrs Chambers City

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