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"DONATIONS ACKNOWLEDGED" - Home for Aged and Infirm, Victoria, BC. Canada, February 1909.

I am always interested to know what people were reading in the past.

If a relative is on this list of Victoria, BC donors to the Home for Aged and Infirm in February of 1909, you learn what periodicals were in their home. And if a relative was an inmate of the Home, it’s good to see that quite a variety was available to them to read.

From the 1909 Directory1, this must refer to the Home for the Aged and Infirm (men) on Cadboro Road, near the then Willows Hotel. John M. McIntosh was listed as the Home's manager. 

Even a very small newspaper notice can help with your genealogy!

"DONATIONS ACKNOWLEDGED" [Home for Ages and Infirm, Victoria, BC, Canada. February 1909]

"The manager of the Home for Aged and Infirm acknowledges with thanks, the following donations for the month of February: Mrs. L. J. Quagliotti, San Francisco newspapers; Mrs. B. W. Pearse, Illustrated London News; Mrs. H. D. Helmcken, magazines and illustrated papers; Mrs. H.K Prior, Seattle newspapers; Mrs. Reade, Lloyd’s Weekly; a friend, People’s Friends; a friend, underclothing; Mr. Jas. Morrison, reading matter; Mr. N. Shakespeare, reading matter; Mr. Horton, Tit-Bits2; Mr. Allen, London Weekly Despatch; Standard Stationery Co., magazines and periodicals; Hibben & Co., magazines; Colonist and Times, daily papers; Mining Exchange, BC Poultry Gazette and Western Clarion."

Found in the Victoria Daily Colonist, Tuesday, 9 March 1909, page 6. 
(Surnames not emphasized in the original.)  Available on-line via The British Colonist, 1858-1980. I was using microfilm when I located this notice. 


1. Directory of Vancouver Island and Adjacent Island, Province Printing Company, Victoria, BC, Canada, 1909, page 440. British Columbia directories from 1860 to 1955 can be read on the Vancouver Public Library website.

2. Tit-Bits from all the interesting Books, Periodicals, and Newspapers of the World was a well known British weekly from 1881, which compiled articles and news from many other publications. See the Tit-Bits Wikipedia article here. 

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