Sunday, April 06, 2014

Writing My Own History

I'm often wondering when I could 'make' time to write up some of my own personal history - not that it's been that exciting so far but there are certainly some things I'd like to make clear to my descendants and the odd thing or two I think I might be the only one to know about now - or, at least, the only one who can remember.

Reminiscing about my university days yesterday I was realizing I could likely start a good chunk of my personal history beginning...I remember when.

So just 'for fun' here are a few things here - (in no particular order at all).


Following John (Diefenbaker's) footsteps on a Vancouver sidewalk (perhaps to my mother's embarrassment. She was then pretty much a capital L Liberal, federally speaking, meaning for the national Liberal Party, and not Diefenbaker's Progressive Conservative Party).

When Vancouver area pedestrians crossed the street first, and vehicles had to wait

My first British Columbia history project

Thrills Gum! 

And later joining in the Nestle boycott

Nickel candy (I don't think I'm really old enough to remember penny candy.)

Vancouver fogs (Now known as pollution.)

When boys were boys, and girls (some anyway) were cross about it

'Party line' telephone service

When I was planning on having 6 kids

My son telling someone,'Mum reads even the small print'.

Thinking I might have been adopted

Gidget films

My first computer

When I had (and occasionally even signed) a nickname

Baking my first chocolate cake (it 'bounced'.)

Wearing a hat (and gloves) to church

My Grandma and Grandpa Rogers (I do wish I remembered them so much better though.)

Strawberry tarts at Woodward's store in downtown Vancouver

When my very favourite thing was reading (That's NEVER changed!)

Wringer washers

My 21st birthday present from my father (a bottle of Kahlua)

Getting a new outfit for Easter

Separate basement recreation areas for girls and for boys in school.

Singing songs from The Merry Widow while dancing out of Vancouver's Stanley Park after a Theatre Under The Stars show (1956)

Elevator operators

When my favourite colour was blue. (Before that, green; never pink.)

My dad answering the private business line as 'City Morgue'. Grandma Scott (my Na) didn't appreciate that!


Loretta said...

I enjoyed your remembrances, Diane. I keep forgetting to check out your blog, but when I do I always love reading it.

M. Diane Rogers said...

Thanks, Loretta. I enjoy reading yours too. Especially liked your painting of the family farmhouse in Memories of the Farm.