Sunday, February 16, 2014

Walter Scott - 52 Ancestors

This is a photograph of my great grandfather, Walter Scott (1827 Scotland-1892 Ontario, Canada), as identified by my grandmother, Amy Estella Scott. Private collection.

Since Walter Scott was my mother's paternal grandfather, but died before she was born, she was very interested in him and his family in Scotland. Mum knew some information but had a number of questions, about what happened to his brother John's son, for example, which I worked on early in my family history research. Many of these questions resulted in some interesting discussions and some great genealogy trips!

The interesting part (for me) was that Walter Scott had been granted a divorce from his first wife in 1877 in Canada, something my mother only learned accidentally as a young adult and never told me till I started researching the family when, as she said, "You'll find out anyway."

I have posted a brief summary and some other photographs of our Scott family on a Tribal Pages site, SCOTT family: Muiravonside, Dalmeny, Tushielaw, Galashiels, Grangemouth, in Scotland:

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