Friday, November 23, 2012

Seven Things About Me.......

Recently, Andrea Lister over at Absolutely Literate tagged me for a 'Seven Things about Me' meme.  Since Canada's Kid's CBC has named this next week 'Grandparents' Week', I thought it might be fun to think of seven things the Dear Grandson doesn't know about me (or at least might wonder once in a while....).

Along the way, I though of a few more things than this, so those are already in my memoir writing prompts for a later look.

Here are seven things the DGS (and others) may not know about me:

1. I was a beautiful baby. No. really! (Have a look below.) According to my mother, your great grandma, this photographer's photo of me won a contest and was featured in his window for a while. I believe the photography studio name was Du Barry 1, but I haven't (yet) traced the photographer or the contest.  (A Grandma Genealogist's work is never done.)

2. As a child, I attended the Vancouver Sun newspaper's free swimming classes for children near Lumberman's Arch in Stanley Park. Now that wouldn't be a surprise to any who grew up in Vancouver - thousands of kids took those lessons. But I must be one of the very few who was happy to go and do the on-land lessons, but refused to go in the water. And yes, learning to swim has often been on my New Year's resolutions list, but I still don't know 'how to'. As you, my dear grandson, said once, I can learn once I'm grown up. (He explained later that he meant once I'm taller. That will be a fine thing!)

3. I am not at all fond of chocolate. (Licorice, Jelly Bellies, candied ginger, and a little nougat once in a while do it for me. In case you are looking for a present sometime, I just noticed there are 'Hello Kitty' Jelly Bellies. I wonder if those come in a sardine flavour?)

4. The first occupation I seriously thought about was being a probation officer. I was a young teen, and my dad, your great grandpa, (bless him) took this seriously and found a woman officer who talked to me about her training and her work (and a bit about being a woman in that job). And no, I don't think he was trying to discourage me.

5. I am a high school dropout from the 60s. But don't get any ideas of your own, DGS.  I left to go to university early and do have a degree and more. (I've been back to university a couple of times since then and I'm pretty sure I'll go back once more at least.)

6. I'm still a weekend hippie at heart. You'll likely have to look up the old time history 'hippie thing' on your phone....but all those peace signs around me are clues.  I never had time to be a full-time hippie though. Always a demo - or a research paper - scheduled...

7. Learning about the stars is on my list of things to do when I get really 'old' and must sit around more - out in the dark.  Just make sure I have a good telescope (start saving up), a warm blankie and good fuzzy socks, please.

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Grandma D as a baby, (year withheld). Photography possibly by DuBarry Studios, Vancouver, British Columbia. Private collection.

1. This is the eighth thing - a bonus - Grandma looks for references. David Mattison in his essential guide Camera Workers: British Columbia, Alaska & Yukon, 1858-1950  gives the Du Barry Studio's dates as from 1942-1948, but I have one photo dated "Du Barry 1951". Studio photographers listed by Mattison include N.H. Schwarze (1943), P.W. Rowe (1946), and G.J. Wells (1948). The 1947 British Columbia and Yukon Directory (Sun Directories Ltd., pp. 648, 1083)  Accessed on-line in the British Columbia City Directories, 1860-1947, Vancouver Public Library:   G. J. Wells (George J., wife Velma) is listed as the Du Barry proprietor and photographer, and the Studio's address as: 4255 Dunbar in Vancouver, very close to where we lived then. I would be pleased to hear from anyone with more information about Mr. Wells and his work, or about the Du Barry Photo Studio in Vancouver, BC.

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