Thursday, September 10, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday - Schoolbook, 1928

Since school's just in again, I've picked an old school book from my collections for this Treasure Chest Thursday. This is one genealogists will appreciate.

Neighbours Unknown, with short stories, by Charles G.D. Roberts. (Toronto: The MacMillan Company of Canada Limited, 1927.) Authorized for use in the Province of Manitoba.

Roberts is sometimes called the Father of Canadian Poetry. This book was originally published, I believe, in 1911.

What makes this interesting to me is that my Mum used it. I know that because she has written right though the book - something, I assure you, that she never allowed me to do. To this day I don't doodle, scribble or even highlight in books!

You'll see the book is damaged and, especially inside, discoloured. That's mainly because it still has its plain brown paper cover, likely made by my mother, glued to the corners of the book, and certainly written and doodled on by her.

On one of the front blank pages she's written a date, Jan. 17, 1928, and her own name, her birth date, her parents' names and when they married, and then their parents' names as well. Elsewhere she has 'doodled' the names of other family members. Not in sketches, that's all in writing.

Found in the book were some pieces of paper - a spelling 'mistake' practise list and a double-sided sketch of a house plan.
On a back of a book blank page is also a sketch of a 'bungalow'. Now that one looks like something she's copied from another book (especially since it has a title) but the little sketch looks suspiciously like what she told me about the family house in Newdale, Manitoba, Canada, particularly the 'shelf' on the stairs. Perhaps I will never ever know for sure.

In the meantime, I can enjoy this momento of my mother's misspent youth. There are people who collect 'Forgotten Bookmarks' and 'Found Bookmarks'. I wonder if someone has begun collecting examples of family related bookmarks like these?

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Linda Hughes Hiser said...

What a treasure! It's almost like a Family Bible with all the family names. The blueprint of the interior of a house...unbelieveable.