Friday, October 17, 2008

Live Roots is now 'live' - a new genealogy search

Illya J. D'Addezio, of has released his new genealogy search, Live Roots, which promises to assist you in finding your surnames, etc. in not only the 'big' on-line databases but also in resources that are similar or even the same elsewhere and available on-line or off-line from commercial sites or publishers, groups or individuals, either free or for a fee.

Illya has been keeping up with genealogy on the Internet since the '90s, so he has lots of expertise, and any combined genealogy search is a great idea. I was eager to try it out.

Well, nothing for my A-Z names - AXNER and ZETTERBERG - but lots for the more common ones, GILCHRIST, IRWIN, SCOTT, even a very specific one for 'SCOTT and DETROIT'. I'll check that out.

Nothing for 'HOME CHILDREN' (a Canadian term for sponsored child migrants from Great Britain), but it's not all U.S. material, as there were results suggested for GILCHRIST and CARMICHAEL and ONTARIO searches - Department of Ontario Mines Reports from the 1920s - to be found at, a pay website, which has an interesting group of quite unique on-line databases - based on individuals identified in records and publications of churches, schools, clubs, and more.

GenealogyToday is well worth a look too, especially if you have any roots in the U.S.A. There's some excellent free information there as well.

Live Roots:

GenealogyToday :

Family Tree Connections, link to regions covered and databases included:


Unknown said...

Thanks for mentioning Live Roots. This morning I did some researching, and added a variety of resources relating to Home Children in Canada. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

M. Diane Rogers said...

Thanks, Illya, that's great!