Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cabinet of Curiosities – 10th Edition

This post is part of the Cabinet of Curiosities Blog Carnival – 10th Edition

Time for another look into my own Cabinet of Curiosities.

There are so many bits and pieces in the Cabinet, which is itself a curiosity, but today I’m looking at this block of ‘laminated glass’ which has served as a paperweight for years, first in my Na’s apartment, then at mum and dad’s, now in my place.

I was always told this piece was a damaged ‘souvenir’ from Dominion Glass in Hamilton, Ontario – intended for a World War II plane – in a gun sight. No idea if this could be correct, but grandpa Scott did work at the Dominion Glass plant there during World War II till 1947 when he died. Na brought a couple all the way with her when she moved to British Columbia after his death – she seemed to me to think of this as a treasure, so I do too. It’s quite interesting looking when the sun shines through it; I think I’ll leave it out on the window sill for a change.

I have never been to Hamilton, although I hope to visit some day. I do have some information about Na and grandpa’s life in Hamilton, including Na's well used, well loved cookbook from the Zion United Church in Hamilton. I intend to write up an index of the contributors’ names – the Ladies of the J.O.Y. Bible Class –but that’s for another day. I don’t know why grandpa and Na decided to move to Hamilton from Winnipeg, Manitoba, but it seems likely to me that they knew at least one or two people in Hamilton already and heard there were jobs there. Perhaps I’ll find a connection there.

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