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Raise the Jolly Roger - Pirate Gold Winners 1933

The Winnipeg Free Press Pirate Gold Winners for 1933 are found!

Winnipeg Free Press, 8 August, 1933 pp 1 and 2

1st Prize - Mrs. O.W. Struthers of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, $25. Hers was a "perfect score" - her winning epitaph for the pirate -

Here lies an old pirate, a bold buccaneer,
Who lived to repent of his bloody career.
For learn ye who pause by this stone grey and cold,
That pain is his guerdon who hoards pirate gold.

2nd Prize - Miss Anne Purkow of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, $15

3rd Prize - Mrs. R.A. Buckland of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada $10

More prize winners:

Mrs. G.A. Simpson, Winnipeg
Miss Jean M. Grosse, Dickens, Manitoba
Mrs. R.F.Greer, Carman, Manitoba
E. Enston, Winnipeg
Alice M. Northwood, Birtle, Manitoba
Elizabeth Vernon, Winnipeg
Joan E. Jackson, The Pas, Manitoba
S.H. Vipond, Winnipeg
David McIntyre, Stonewall, Manitoba
E.E. Wood, Winnipeg
E.V. Jackman, Winnipeg
Norman D. Pogue, MacGregor, Manitoba

Joan Richardson, Winnipeg
J.D.C. Bruce, Winnipeg
G.W. Steele, Winnipeg
Mrs. A.E. Thrift, Winnipeg
Miss G.P. Porter, Winnipeg
J. Carey, Winnipeg
A.K. Tod, Makiuak, Manitoba
George A. Burkett, Winnipeg
Mary M. Pedlar, Woodside, Manitoba
Sidney Castle, Ninotte Sanatorium, Manitoba
Mrs. S.G. Baird, Winnipeg
K.D. Bruce, Winnipeg
Mrs. Doninar J. Lawson, Shoal Lake, Manitoba
E. Snider, Winnipeg
R. Brown, Winnipeg
Mrs. C.H. Lockhart, Rama, Manitoba
Oswald Badcock, Winnipeg
Miss H.E. Fowler, Canora, Saskatchewan, Canada
Mrs. David Young, Yorkton, Saskatchwan, Canada
Mrs. H.J. Hansell, Winnipeg

The Winnipeg winners do have addresses listed, so if you don't have access to the newspaper, contact me and I'll do my best to copy the entry for you.

(Thank you I do love being able to read these papers on-line.)

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