Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Identifying Photos; Learning about Fashions - The Costume Gallery Library - free till Jan 3 2010

Eight images of an unidentified woman, shown in different poses. Described as all taken on one glass negative and at one operation, 1870, Ontario. Photographer R. R. McLellan. Canada. Patent and Copyright Office, Library and Archives Canada, PA-031478

When researching photographs of people, it's often very important to date the clothing they are wearing. Looking at other photographs from different time periods will help you work out a time frame for the image. The Costume Gallery is one of the on-line resources I recommend.

Penny Ladnier, owner of The Costume Gallery, has a special offer for access to her websites that's good till Sunday, 3 January 2010, at 10 pm EST. Whether you're hoping to identify one particular photograph or you're interested in the history of fashion, you'll find much of interest at The Costume Gallery and its related websites.

Some of these resources are free, but usually access to the Libraries and to certain other areas on Penny's 13 websites are by subscription only. Till Sunday, this is free. LOGIN using: cg2003 and the PASSWORD: neb7am66
in lower case with no blank spaces before, in-between, or afterwards.

Penny's main Costume Gallery website has just been updated and the Library now has over 5,000 pages. It's the 14th anniversary for The Costume Gallery, so there is a sale on subscriptions too till 14 January 2010. See the main page at The Costume Gallery Library for details, if you're interested.

The same passwords are also good till Sunday for these associated sites:

Costume Slide Shows: (use only the password)
Past Hair Styles:
Past Designers:
Past Hats:
Past Communion History - Check the logo photograph here as Penny is working to return this image to its family:
Antique Brides:

For more about Penny E. Ladnier see her profile here.

Penny also offers a service called Fashion Foto-Date. For $10, you can have a date analysis of the clothing shown in a scanned family photograph.

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