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New Year's Genea-Resolutions - 2010 - Carnival of Genealogy

New Year Arithmetic
It only takes one figure more to change the sum of Time's long score;
To your life's record may it add Good Fortune and subtract the bad:
And as with others you divide may Best of Luck be multiplied!

Post Card, unused. Made in U.S.A. Marked 402 but no publisher or artist's name, except a K circled. Divided back; private collection.

New Year’s Resolutions! is the topic for this Carnival of Genealogy.

Yesterday, Tara Calishain of Research Buzz wrote a post about Wolfram/Alpha that prompted me to calculate the number of days I've already spent on the earth - 22,314 days! Where did they all go? Or better yet, what did I do with them?

No wonder so many of us think about resolutions each year.

(I recommend following ResearchBuzz, by the way, great info about search engines, and about on-line information collections. Yes, it still is Follow Friday.)

As usual, I’ve written out a few resolutions for this brand new year, and from what I hear, a record number of other genea-bloggers have been doing this too. It will be most interesting to see what everyone’s plans are.

I write out objectives for myself for almost every week as we go through the year. These include genealogy, but I try to keep my main goals for each year to a few - all, I hope, manageable ones.

Again, as in 2009, I expect 2010 to be fairly busy – mostly with genealogy, but not necessarily my own. I’m very active in my local genealogical society right now as President and Editor of the British Columbia Genealogical Society and I took on more genealogy teaching last fall at the Burnaby Community Centred College for the Retired. I enjoy these activities and believe I'm making the world a bit better place for genealogy, but I will set aside time too for my personal genealogy research as I did in 2009.

For 2009, my personal genea-resolutions were to:

1. Scan more photos and scrap more photos - about my brother and myself. Attend two scrap nights; schedule some time for fun photos to mix with the older ones.

2. Blog on a more regular schedule; have two posts and two 'Wordless' posts in reserve for each blog by mid-February.

3. Host a Carnival of Genealogy.

4. Have some Newdale pages on-line by 9 February 2009.

5. Produce Islay CDs as family gifts.

6. Follow DearMYRTLE's organization checklists.

7. Save trees and energy by using less paper! Buy two power bars to use in my office area.

Considering my sometimes crowded schedule, I feel I did quite well in 2009, although one goal had to be postponed as I’ll mention below.

For 2010, my goals in brief are

1. To finish scanning my older family photographs (and some documents) and to scrapbook some more.

2. To have research plans for local repositories and libraries on the go each month, and to be ready for research in Toronto, Ontario in May.

3. To continue blogging, and to host at least one Carnival, if possible.

4. To work towards getting my Newdale pages up on-line and to produce some CDs (ones I’m happier with) to give to family, and to put more photographs on-line to share.

5. To continue working on organization and energy-saving too (mine and the world’s).

Here's a bit more about my 2010 goals with a recap of 2009.

1. Scanning and scrapbooking 2010: Last year, I wanted to scan more of my older family photographs and I certainly did that, although due to other commitments I wasn’t able to attend many Scanfests. I realize I’ve gotten a long ways with this project, but I do miss those Scanfest chats. I intend to attend more in 2010 and to finish these scanning projects. I was given a digital frame for Christmas, (thank you, S!) and will soon have more ancestors on my mantel.

I did do more scrapbooking in 2009; I even attended those two crops. I tried a few digital projects, but didn’t like this nearly as well as working with ‘real’ things, so won’t likely pursue that. Will keep working on my vintage scrapbooking in 2010 as I can. You might see some projects yet here on my blog.

2. Travel plans 2010 – I didn’t make it out of Canada this year, but I had fun and learned a lot at the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia conference in Medicine Hat, Alberta and at other sessions in British Columbia, like the British Columbia Historical Federation conference in Nelson, and the Megan Smolenyak seminar in Surrey put on by the British Columbia Genealogical Society (BCGS).

This year, I’m looking forward to a number of local events already, including the Stephen A. Morse seminar in March (co-sponsored by the Jewish Genealogical Institute of British Columbia and the BCGS - details soon) and the Women’s History Fair in April, both in Vancouver. Then in May there’s the BC Historical Federation conference in Vancouver and the Ontario Genealogical Society conference in Toronto which I’m planning to attend. While in Toronto, I’ll be researching my BATTICE, PEEL and ROGERS, WHITE families at the City of Toronto Archives and the Ontario Archives.

3. Blogging 2010: I continued to blog regularly about genealogy, here at CanadaGenealogy and at The Graveyard Rabbit of British Columbia. I especially enjoyed doing the Sombre Sunday and Treasure Chest Thursday posts and will be continuing these.

I participated in a good number of Blog Carnivals, and was a Carnival host, in March for the Carnival of Central and Eastern Europe’s on ‘Female Ancestors’ and for September’s Carnival of Genealogy on ‘Family Reunions’. I’ve joined two blog rings, Blogging For Ancestors and the Geneabloggers WebRing. Participating in both rings and carnivals introduces me to many other bloggers and readers and, usually, is a lot of fun. I've been getting many more comments on my posts, and I am regularly reading other blogs and commenting on them in turn. I also wrote an article for Shades of the Departed, and participated in A Festival of Postcards.

I’d like to take time to blog more and to participate in more Carnivals in 2010 and will work on scheduling myself so I can do that. I do have some blog posts in reserve now, so that’s a bit less ‘pressure’. I’d like to encourage others to participate in blogging and other on-line activities more during 2010. (I love Twitter! and it blends well with blogging.) I started a British Columbia genealogy group on GenealogyWise this year and I have some ideas for CanadaGenealogy in 2010 which you will hear about later. As an example, I just recently noticed that someone else in BC is interested in guest blogging and I’m going to investigate that for myself and for CanadaGenealogy.

4. Sharing more information on-line 2010: My Newdale web pages are still on hold, for reasons beyond my control at the moment. This is the only 2009 resolution I really had to leave undone, but, I have done more research, scanned many more photographs, and in 2009, even found ‘new to me’ historical postcards which I’ll be showing soon enough. When things don’t work out when and how one wants, I think it’s important to be flexible enough to move on to work on another goal for the time being, so that’s what I did. I made some photograph CDs, but wasn’t that happy with them, so I’ll be working on that again. And, after attending the BCGS fall series on ‘Writing Your Own History’ with Moira Connor, I intend to produce at least one booklet on my family this year.

5. Organization and energy saving 2010: I did follow DearMyrtle’s Organization Checklists as posted for the first half of the year and used some of her older checklists the rest of the year. Of course these are all on-going exercises!

And, I’ve tried to be conscientious about saving paper and ink and electrical energy too. I think I’m well into those habits now, although I still have some odd piles of paper to worry about....oh, well.

I’m now using a newer, smaller backup drive and late in 2009, I bought a new laptop which I’m still learning about, and, for Christmas, I received a netbook. (Thank you to J, C, C & S!) This was in my 2009 plans (and dreams). Having the netbook may radically change the way I do research even at local archives and libraries as I am always on public transit and hesitate to carry my heavier laptop every time. This netbook is so light I imagine it will be with me much of the time, but it will certainly be a blessing when I’m away researching.

I’ll be spending a bit of time early in the new year ‘organizing’ myself with the three computers. (For those who want to know, the new laptop is Amy, the netbook is Minnie - such an apt name for a little computer. My older, trusty everyday laptop’s name is Maggie. Amy was my Na, my maternal grandmother; Minnie and Maggie were her sisters. There is a really old desk top here too – but she says her name is ‘just old & tired’.)

I routinely write out my ‘to dos’ for each week which includes my genealogy to dos – documents to look up, things to order – but I’m going to keep a fuller descriptive list in front of me each week this year – drawn from my research plans. Robert Ragan of Treasure Maps Genealogy (he’s the Pajama Genealogy Guy) wrote an article recently on how genealogists can best use personal planners. I’m going to try his ideas, so instead of a list of unrelated activities, I’m going to include a small block of tasks for the week based on who or which family I’m working on during that time. I think it will give me a better perspective for the week, if nothing else. (And I just got a fun pad of coloured planning notes – for accomplishments – Today, Tomorrow, Weekend, Near Future, Someday, and, Maybe Never! I’ll be using that too.) That 'Someday' will keep me positive and the 'Maybe Never!' will keep me smiling!

Now, do tell, what are your genealogy goals for this year?


Janet Iles said...

I am glad to hear that you are coming to the Ontario Genealogical Society conference in May. It should be a good conference. My room is booked but I need to register for the conference.

Best wishes for 2010 and I hope you achieve your goals.

M. Diane Rogers said...

Happy New Year, Janet!
There should be a little group of us coming from British Columbia. I will be registering this month too.

Miriam said...

Looking forward to seeing you at more Scanfests! :-)

J.M. said...

I'll definitely be joining you in scanning photo's and documents, although not in Scanfest (the time is not conductive to being awake here in Europe).

Good luck with your goals.

GrannyPam said...

A well organized list of goals. My best as you tackle them.

Harriet said...

I've awarded you the Happy 101 Award which can be picked up at Genealogy Fun. Keep up the good work.

Debbie Blanton McCoy said...

I've awarded you the "Happy 101 Award". You can read about it and pick it up here:

Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski said...

I postively love your blog - I did not get around to posting my new years resolutions (which, like you, included posting on a regular basis. Didn't take long to renig on that resolution did it?)

I am probably not the first to do so, but I would like to present you with the Happy 101 Award. You can pick up your award at

I have never attended a Scanfest - I hope to see you at the next event!


Robin said...

Happy New Year! Wanted to stop by and let you know that you have been warded the Happy 101 Award over at Where I Come From. Take Care

Joan said...

I really enjoy your blog and I have given you a HAPPY 101 SWEET FRIENDS AWARD. Please stop by Roots’n’Leaves to pick it up.

Brenda said...

A very thoughtful summary, Diane. See you in Toronto in May!