Sunday, June 27, 2021

Sunday Strays - Victoria BC Canada- a 'Movie Snaps' street photograph

Here's another stray photograph from my collection. Sad to say, but no names at all.  The Movie Snaps stamp is on the back though with the address and phone #. And a #   7717

On the back is written in pencil - "To Mother hope you like it"

Certainly looks like 1940s/early 50s clothing to me. Someone doesn't look too happy there. A nice early fall - or more likely - an earlyish spring day in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada?

According to David Mattison's Camera Workers, the British Columbia photographers database, Movie Snaps was in business at 707 Yates St., Victoria from 1949 to 1951. 

The City of Victoria Archives doesn't seem to have any 'Movie Snaps' photographs listed, but there are online photos of Yates Street theatres

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