Saturday, June 22, 2019

Celebrating Scandinavian Midsummer, June 22-23rd

Scandinavian Midsummer, June 22-23rd - This weekend!

We're in the Icelandic Room both days in the Scandinavian Centre, Burnaby. 

To celebrate MIdsummer, I'm offering this from my Vancouver BC ephemera files.

The Norwegian Choral Society, Vancouver, 1935

The programme for The Norwegian Choral Society’s April 25th, 1935 Concert at the Victory Auditorium in Vancouver lists the names of those who sang or played. Some names do look familiar, but I have not researched them all yet. The advertisers mostly have Norwegian connections too, so I've added them to my index.

Hercules Worsoe, the Choir’s Conductor, was at this time an insurance agent for C Gardner Johnson, one of the Choir's advertisers. 

Surname Given names Position
Ableson Ole   Concert Committee; Tenor
Hansen R. J. Concert Committee; Tenor
Nyfeldt O. Concert Committee; Tenor
Ruud Olga Concert Committee; Alto
Steenberg Anne Concert Committee; Alto
Worsoe Hercules Conductor; Concert Committee
Nyfeldt Lilly Concert Committee; Tenor
Tennant Dorothy The Tennant Trio
Tennant Jean The Tennant Trio
Cornell Marjorie The Tennant Trio; also Accompanist w/ Tom Godfrey
Godfrey  Tom Soloist
Worsoe,Johanne Soloist
Stangeland Ole M duet w/H. Worsoe, Bass
Albertson Marie Soprano
Emblem Margit Soprano
Knutsen Kaja Soprano
Lervold Gudrun Soprano
Nygaard Annie Soprano
Olsen Kristine Soprano
Orre, Sigrid Soprano
Ruud Harriet Soprano
Williamson Laila Soprano
Worsoe Sylvia Soprano
Evanson Gina Alto
Hansen  Astrid Alto
Korsnes  Jenny Alto
Nyfeldt Ethel Alto
Betzvog John Tenor
Birkeland  Olaf Tenor
Eriksen N Tenor
Orre  Nikolai Tenor
Sveen  Olai Tenor
Flaa  Einar Bass
Hansen Rasmus Bass
Howe Erling Bass
Nyfeldt Ole Bass
Sveen  John  Bass

Advertisers My Notes
Swan Bros. 12th Ave & Kingsway
Kerrisdale Tobacconists 2150 W 41st Avenue
Corry Coal Co. Ltd.
Norske Amerika Linkje Vancouver agent, L. Pettersen, 329 Hastings St.; Seattle, Reidar Gjolme
Hotel Georgia Vancouver's Newest & Most Modern Hotel; Single rooms $2.50 per day, doubles $4.00; 320 rooms, all with baths
Hercules Worsoe, C. Gardner Johnson Ltd. 991 Hastings W; Insurance
Vancouver Posten
Dr. E. R. Nordin Birks Bldg
The Clarke Stuart Co. Ltd. "Aids to Navigation"
Geo. Wylie Furnace Repairs
The Kent Piano Co. Ltd. "Oldest Music House in Western Canada"
Vancouver Flour Sales Ltd. Wild Rose Cake & Pastry Flour
Lorne P. McIntosh Optometrist; Birks Bldg
Olsen's Printing Office "Printed This Programme"
Café Norway 143 Cordova St.
Pierre Paris Boots and shoes; Hastings St.
Victory Hall McMillan & Co., Rental Agents; 535 Homer St.
Standard Importing Co. JB Fresh Coffee; 327 Main St., Blackburn Market, Union Market & Chilliwack BC
Vivian Engine Works Diesel Engines; 1090 6th Ave. W
G. L. Pop Main at Sixth; fur storage vaults
Canadian Bakeries Ltd. 4X Bread
British Traders Insurance Company, Limited Hercules Worsoe, agent
A. B Balderson Limited 1190 Georgia; Cars and Trucks; Ford Sales/Service

This 1935 Concert programme is from my personal collection. If anyone knows more about the Society or recognizes the names of members or the advertisers listed here, please be in touch. 

This weekend, Saturday and Sunday, I’m at the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival in Burnaby at the Scandinavian Centre! Do come. Good food and entertainment; lots to see and do for all.

Drop in to see us in the Genealogy Room (the Icelandic Room) - at the Scandinavian Centre. both Saturday and Sunday, June 22-23, 2019.  

This year, I’m giving away free Scandinavian mystery books too. You can learn a lot about doing genealogy from mysteries! 

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