Wednesday, June 10, 2015

FMS Descendant Family Trees - A New Kind of Family Tree Chart

Recently at a British Columbia Genealogical Society meeting, I had a chance to see some striking family tree charts, FMS Descendant Family Trees, produced locally in British Columbia's Lower Mainland by FMS Creative.

Susan Sullivan, the originator, is very enthusiastic about her own genealogy research and keen to share her design skills. She and her team developed the idea and launched the tree chart service in May this year.

 GOTT Family Chart, courtesy of Susan Sullivan, FMS Creative.

The GOTT family tree shown here is one example. there are a number of others on the FMS Creative website and on the FMS Creative Facebook page. The easiest and cheapest way to have one done is to send in a GEDCOM file, or next, to send in a Word or Excel file, but the company is working on future templates which will make it possible for those not using genealogy programmes to enter their family names easily on-line.

I was quite taken with these charts and think one would make a unique present for a family anniversary or other special occasion, especially for those non-gens. Susan says every one of these trees is different, all depending on the size and scope of the family information. And FMS Creative offers other genealogy related services too, including photo restoration.

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Rachel said...

I have seen these in person and they're even more beautiful than the pictures. What a treasured keepsake these will become!