Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Only the Best Links for Canadian #Genealogy and Family History - right here at CanadaGenealogy.

It's that time again - Family Tree Magazine has released its list of  "101 Best Genealogy Sites for 2014".  Of course, there are a lot of bones to pick there! But old and experienced as I am (and polite, I'm Canadian after all) I don't usually worry much about these lists. I do read the magazine month to month, along with a number of other publications.

Right here at CanadaGenealogy, I have my list of Essential Canadian #Genealogy Sites and Books.  These are for research into national topics, and are updated often. Follow all the links I offer and you will see the best for each province and territory too and for some very specialized topics.

Not to say I don't look at these broad lists. I am on the hunt for 'new to me' and really new #genealogy websites every day. As a #genealogy teacher, I need to be; I believe all researchers should do this regularly. Just don't forget that usually the 'on the ground' experienced researchers are the first ones you should 'follow'.

However, the list of "Best Canadian Genealogy Websites" did seem downright odd. Was this an afterthought? Suddenly someone remembered the frozen north? (I'm kidding about that frozen part. It's very hot here right now where I am.) 

Listed for Canada were only 4 websites (in this order): Canadiana, Library and Archives Canada, Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics, and Programme de Recherche en Démographie Historique (for Quebec, usually known familiarly as PRDH).  Good enough websites on their own, but all costing $. And together these hardly even touch on Canada's wide expanse of #genealogy websites and records.

Mind you, the list for Continental Europe was only 8 links long. I could rattle off a long list of favourites there too. E-mail me! Or check the British Columbia Genealogical Society's worldwide research links. I curate many of those. (Suggestions welcomed.)

Why did they bother with that Canadian list at all, I wonder. Maybe stirring up a few Canadians on Facebook is good for business? Now that magazine has another link!


Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Diane - I agree but I think that the bottom line for the magazine is that their readership base is mostly American.

So they provide a list of mostly American websites then toss in a few (4) Canadian ones just to appease the few Americans who are searching their Canadian ancestors.

I wish they would simply create a list strictly for American research (101 best) and another smaller list (25?) for Canadian and repeat for UK, etc

Their editor may not be familiar with Canadian sites so why don't they send out a blind carbon email to some Canadian bloggers and ask for their imput? Then they could easily put together a list of the top 25.

M. Diane Rogers said...

Agree, Lorine. Remember when we voted on 'the best' websites?