Friday, May 23, 2014

Diane's Other Likes - May 2014 (with maybe just a litte #genealogy)

I read a good number of other blog articles each day, mostly on my phone on the train. Many don't fit into my usual #genealogy mode, so I've decided to give a short heads-up once every few weeks to other news and events I'm interested in. I'll be sharing a list of upcoming walking tours and the like soon too.

So for May 2014

First and foremost, the Vancouver Postcard Club's annual Paper and Collectables Show and Sale is this Sunday, May 25 at the Hastings Community Centre in Vancouver. See more info on the Club's website:

And one more for this weekend - The Maple Ridge Museum will be at the Bandstand in Memorial Peace Park tomorrow for the year's first outing of "History Goes to Market!  Celebrating the museum's 40th anniversary along with the Haney Farmer's Market's 10th anniversary. Rain or shine! 9 am to 2 pm:

And these -

A Cake Bakes in Brooklyn. Some will be astonished that I follow a 'baking' blog, but really, there's lots of history there. And I always learn something. This article is about Matrimony Cake, almost what we call "Matrimonial Bars' but it does look different. Love the instruction to "Cook till mushy". So romantic, eh!

Price Tags, Gordon Price's blog - thought provoking articles, mainly to do with Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where I live. Lots of views on local transit and transportation, for instance - makes me excitable! but here's a good news, feel good, making a difference example about a new community garden area in Vancouver.
Transformation: A Garden in Mount Pleasant written by Scot Bathgate:

Roedde House. Visit this charming home in downtown Vancouver for Tea and a Tour and/or attend one of the Sunday concerts or a Jazz evening:

Vancouver Heritage Foundation's Heritage Home Tour is on June 1, 2014, Visit 11 remarkable homes. Get your tickets now:

And you knew I'd sneak in some genealogy, right?

Nancy H Vest at Keeping Grandma Alive…and all the others, too has reviewed a new mystery, Hiding the Past: A Genealogical Crime Mystery by Nathan Dylan Goodwin. She liked it, and I'm sure I will too. It's almost on my reader now. (Apparently I needed to update Kindle. Another to-do for today. DONE!)

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Nancy Vest said...

Diane, Thanks for the mention in this blogpost. I appreciate it very much. :)