Saturday, June 16, 2012

Northern Voice 2012

I'm at Northern Voice 2012 this weekend - the conference here for blogging and social media. Several really interesting sessions - I may write about that later - but all have had some good points. I'm realizing though how very cynical I may be now particularly about the possiblities for social change. I may want to work on that.

The last session though was about productivity for bloggers - very practical. I'll be checking out Mike Vardy's links (he calls them 'éarls' as I do - how cool) and likely suggesting a few of my own, soon. In the meantime, here's the link to his website:
This is something I am sure about - that time is getting shorter every day.

Special thanks to 10th to the Fraser where I won the ticket to attend Northern Voice this year! 10th to the Fraser is a great community centred blog, all about New Westminster, BC Canada - from shopping and history to neighbourhood dining and civic growth, politics,and traffic. Check it out.

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