Thursday, November 04, 2010

Is It Still Halloween?

Very strange...very strange indeed...

This week out of the blue two people far apart have each sent me just the right kind of link to info I was looking for - yet they had no way of knowing how timely their help would be.

First Susan Smith-Josephy, who is writing 'the' book about Lillian Alling (aka the woman who walked to Russia), sent me a link to Anne Morddel's The French Genealogy Blog about researching in France. I thought that was nice timing, as I'm looking for someone who was born in France.

But now tonight, Marina Antunes of Row Three and Lower Mainland BookCrossing fame sent me a link to the State Library of New South Wales's Flickr collection, not knowing I'm soon doing a talk on Australian and New Zealand war records. There's a set of photos there I really like - women Knitting for "Our Boys" - complete with a song. Have a look (and a listen).

Very cool, but a little spooky, don't you think?
But don't stop sending me those links! (And maybe you have a James or John Battice...born about 1860...I still need the 'right' one.)

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