Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gordon A. Watts on Canada's Censuses

"Federal Government Destroys Value of Future Census" Gordon A. Watts, Gordon Watts Reports.

As an update to my article yesterday, "Are Canada's Historical Censuses in Jeopardy", please read Gordon A. Watt's article today at Global Genealogy.

Gordon is writing to his Member of Parliament about the federal government's decision to strip the Canadian census of much of its value, and I hope all my Canadian readers will do the same.
He will also be filing appropriate Access to Information requests. I'm sure he will keep us updated on the responses and information he receives.

In addition, he is calling for genealogical, family history, historical and associated societies to "band together" to make our views about the importance of the census known to the government.

I also urge you to make your feelings known.

Please read his article here -
Gordon Watts Reports.

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Brenda said...

This situation stinks. I'm writing to my MP too. It's good to see Gordon beating the drums again.