Friday, June 25, 2010

Billie Who? The Annual Swimsuit Edition - Carnival of Genealogy

This edition of Creative Gene's Carnival of Genealogy is: The Annual Swimsuit Edition! Here are three 1910s photographs from my collections.

These two photographs show my mother (in the middle) and an unknown friend at the shore, probably at Clear Lake, Manitoba, Canada. As you can see, as a child my mother had a very bad habit of writing on photographs in crayon. "ME" she says... (I think the "J. ?" is meant to be her initials, JM.)

From the same album, though is this photograph of a young boy in his bathing costume. Likely he too was from Newdale, Manitoba, where my mother lived. "Billie", I think, it says,
but - oh, dear, Mother dear - Billie Who?


Astrid said...

Great Pics! I like your blog, too. Astrid.

Miriam Robbins said...

Some themes are timeless, like sand and shore!

Nancy said...

What is it about sand that children like to be buried in it? All that grittiness? Cute photos.

FranE said...

Great that they also caught the Adults clothing too. You will find Billie.
Thanks for sharing