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Immigrants in Canada's West - 1898 - Carnival of Central and Eastern European Genealogy

Titled: "John Klatt family. Emigrated from Tubitz, Galicia, about 1893." Vicinity, Lemberg, Saskatchewan, Canada, c. 1906. Theodor Nickel collection / Library and Archives Canada / C-089684. (Note: there are other KLATT photographs at Library and Archives Canada - some can be viewed on-line.)

"Immigration Statistics - Canada, 1899

The Heterogeneous Mass of Which the Future Populations is to be Composed - Nineteen Nationalities Represented.

... the Canadian Pacific land department last year sold parcels of land in Manitoba and the Northwest to 289 foreigners. The nationality of the purchasers being as follows:

Austria 71

Russia 62

France 22

Belgium 20

Sweden 19

Iceland 12

Norway 9

Hungary 6

Denmark 3

Bohemia 2

Findland 2

Galicia 2

and one each from Holland, Switzerland, Roumania, Italy, Turkey, Poland and Prussia.

During 1898, purchasers from the British Islands numbered 221 divided as follows: England 208; Scotland 74; Ireland 36; and Wales 3."

From the Morning Telegram, January 30, 1899, page 1. Spelling shown is as in the article. Found at -

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Written for the Carnival of Central and Eastern European Genealogy, 26th Edition. Watch for this edition's Carousel soon at Jessica's Genejournal.

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