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Ukrainian Pioneer Monument - Winnipeg Manitoba Canada - 1891-1943

Ukrainian Monument Ceremony, 5 September, 1943, St. Andrew's, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Winnipeg Evening Tribune, 6 September, 1943, page 3.

In September of 1943, members of Winnipeg's Ukrainian community celebrated the blessing of a new monument erected on the St. Andrew's Ukrainian Catholic Church grounds.

Reverend Canon P. Bozyk and Reverend J. Bala conducted the mass that morning, and Bishop Neil Sawaryn conducted the ceremony, with the assistance of Father Bozyk, Rev. S. Shewchuk and Father Bala.

Canon Bozyk said:

"For those who were much like you, and, who to build up our Canada, died in the tunels, in the mines, in the forests, in the rocky hills of Ontario, and during their many and varied wanderings in search of work, we pray and bow our heads to them in humble respect..."1

Joseph A. Dyma, of Winnipeg, a pioneer, unveiled the monument which read:

Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the settlement of Ukrainians in Canada. Wasyl Eleniak and Iwan Pylypiwsky, pioneer settlers, Sept. 7, 1891. Long live Canada. 2

Other pioneers reported as present on this occasion were:

J. Kowalchuk, J. Danyliuk, J. Sydor, T. Feduk, J. Zielkowsky, T. Oleskiw, J. Stepko, J. Swidiuk, Mrs. Chopek, Mrs. Tomkins, Mrs. Zahirna, Mrs. Krezanowska, Mrs. Panechak and Mr. and Mrs. Pylypshuk. Wasyl Elaniak was not able to attend, but sent a letter which was read by Mr. H. Kuz.

Alderman J. Stepnuk, M. Zaharnchuk and Peter Taraska, school trustees, also spoke at the ceremony.

Note: in 1942 a monument to Canada's Ukrainian soldiers had been unveiled on the Church grounds.


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2. "Ukrainian Pioneers Mark 50th Anniversary", The Winnipeg Evening Tribune, Manitoba, Canada, 6 September, 1943, page 3. Photograph above.

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Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

Thank you for this little bit of Ukranian/West Canadian history.
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