Monday, March 09, 2009

Brothers and Sisters - Smile for the Camera

The 11th Edition of Smile For The Camera is brothers & sisters. Bring them to the carnival and share. Admission is free with every photograph!

Here is my favourite brother & sister pair. Weren't they adorable? Was she telling big brother a joke? Or trying to talk him out of the little car he's holding? He's not telling...

Now if only their mummy had written down the exact date this photograph was taken - in Burnaby, BC, Canada, c 1976.


Anonymous said...

I normally "fix" the colors of old photographs that I come across to bring them back to how they would have appeared when first produced. I sometimes wonder though if there is an argument for keeping them "as is".

M. Diane Rogers said...

Well I did fix his 'glow in the dark' eyes, but otherwise left this as is. These 1970's photos are the worst, I find. I did have one photo of these two redone but I still kept the 'original'.

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

I've had the same thought as Jane and came to the same conclusion as Diane.
These 70s photos are the NEW VINTAGE.
How's that for an oxymoron!