Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Victoria, BC, Canada: The Times Colonist Newspaper Puts History On-line

Tomorrow the Times Colonist newspaper of British Columbia, Canada will be officially 150 years old. All year, the paper has celebrated with special articles, columns and editions filled with British Columbia history. From its beginnings on Dec. 11, 1858, as the British Colonist, the paper has covered all our province's big stories and many of the everyday ones as well.

Congratulations to all the Victoria Times Colonist staff for a job well done (especially to Dave Obee) and congratulations and thanks go too to the paper's management for supporting this celebration. The modern Victoria Times Colonist is going to make a history section a permanent feature in the paper's website and, TA-DAH, tomorrow the first 50 years of the newspaper goes on-line.

I've been napping all week, just so I can stay up tomorrow night and read!


Co-incidentally, tomorrow is also my baby brother's birthday. No, no, he's not 150! He might be 50 something, but I'm not telling any more than that.

Happy Birthday, Baby Bother!

Victoria Times Colonist, "150 years of bringing you the news":

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This is great news!