Monday, November 03, 2008

11th Edition, Cabinet of Curiosities, Coming Soon

The 10th Edition of the Cabinet of Curiosities is up at Thomas MacEntee's blog, Destination: Austin Family. An emu egg and a fossil tooth are some of the wonders uncovered there. Surely the Queen approves!

The 11th Edition of the Cabinet of Curiosities is coming up in November – right here at CanadaGenealogy this time.

What will you be displaying and what will you tell us about it?

This is always a fun and informative carnival, created by Tim Abbott and usually hosted at his blog, Walking The Berkshires. During the 2008 Genea-Blogger Games, I asked for permission to host the carnival in November and Tim graciously agreed.

Submit your post by November 15th, 2008, using the Blog Carnival form.

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