Sunday, October 19, 2008

Would You Care To Comment? A Genea-Blogger Challenge

Earlier this month, Kathryn Lake Hogan posted the 'Would You Care to Comment?' challenge at her blog, Looking4Ancestors. We were each to make comments on at least 10 blogs we read.

Like at least one other Genea-Blogger, I started well, but didn't keep track! Oh, dear!

This morning when I received the last reminder, I was tired from a great, but long, day yesterday at the local Tri-Stake Family History Seminar, 'Finding Your Roots'. I had planned to spend this morning finishing up some filing, but instead of working, I spent the morning cruising the 'net catching up with genealogy blogs, mostly, but not all, written by Genea-Bloggers. Lots of interesting stuff here - from the serious to the (almost) silly, and the sublime (Randy's vacation!).

Here is a baker's dozen of blogs I commented on today:

The original challenge: Looking4Ancestors:

Grace and Glory, Grandmas were once little girls too:
(Becky Jamison)

AnceStories, It's All Randy's Fault!:
(Miriam Robbins Midkiff)

Genea-Musings, I'm almost ready to cruise:
(Randy Seaver)

Creative Gene, Carnival of Genealogy, 69th Edition:
(Jasia Smasha)

Destination: Austin Family,Genealogy Quip of Yore:
(Thomas MacEntee)

Walking the Berkshires, Rara Avis from the Suffragist Years in Massachusetts:
(Tim Abbott)

Anglo-Celtic-Connections, Ancestors in the Attic – Spirit Lake:
(John D. Reid)

Genealogy: Canada, Canadian Census of Industrial Establishments – 1871:
(Elizabeth Lapointe)

Kinexxions, So, What Was In That Box?:
(Becky Wiseman)

GenBlog, All Those Pesky Collateral Folks:
(Julie Cahill)

Bootcamp for Genea-Bloggers and more, Leverage PowerPoint To Save Almost Anything As A JPEG:
(Thomas MacEntee)

TwigTalk, Dad’s Quilt:
(Sheri Bush)

West in New England, The Family Bible:
(Bill West)

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Kathryn Lake Hogan said...

Greetings Diane,
Reading and commenting on blogs is so much more fun than filing! I'm glad you made the deadline for the challenge.