Friday, September 19, 2008

Picasa 3(beta) - Creative Gene's Enthusiastic

Over on the Creative Gene blog, Jasia has a note about the new Picasa 3 (beta). Thanks, Jasia, as between being away and being sick, I haven't even had a peek. I will now though as her review is so very positive.

I think I'll still like Fototagger for labelling group or 'complicated' pictures, but I see that Picasa has more editing tools, including text, watermarking, multiple tags and a magnifying loupe!

Picasa still helps you locate and view your photos - that's primarily what I'm using it for - but now you can move photo folders around while viewing - that sounds good to me as I am weeding out and 'migrating' my photos right now.

Just as soon as this weekend's conference meeting is over, I'll have a look. Thanks again, Jasia!

Creative Gene:

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Jasia said...

Hey thanks for the mention and the link, Diane. I'm glad you're picking up on my enthusiasm because I have it in spades for the new Picasa. I'm thinking about writing another post about some of the other features for those I haven't been able to convince to try it yet. Time... all I need is more time for blogging... ;-)