Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Na's Hat - Smile for the Camera

Here's my Na, Amy Estella (Irwin) Scott with her friend, Kate Hodges,
on the street in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1946.

The theme for this 'Smile for the Camera' is 'Crowning Glory'. Whatever did happen to women's hats?

No, neither Na nor Kate smiled for the sidewalk photographer, but one of them presumably chose to commemorate the day by purchasing this 'snap'. Na did have a lot on her mind then, I'm sure. Grandpa wasn't well and my mum was far away, still Na's dressed as I always remember her , with a special hat to go with her perky outfit, her hair well curled, and gloves, of course.
When I knew her she was always taking hats apart and making them 'new' again, with different ribbon or feathers, for instance. I wonder if that's what she'd done with this one?

Seems funny that I'm in Detroit, researching one of her relatives by marriage - an older James Walter Scott (grandpa was James Walter too). It turns out that this 'James Walter' was - you guessed it - a salesman for a millinery company while he lived in Detroit - Macauley & Company. Na would have appreciated the co-incidence. She had a good sense of fun.

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