Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Simon Fraser Elementary School - 1909- 1981 - Vancouver BC Canada

My painting of Simon Fraser Elementary School, Vancouver, B.C., 1955
Report Card Cover


I've scanned my first school photographs, 1955- 1960 from Simon Fraser Elementary School at 16th and Manitoba in Vancouver, B.C. and I've uploaded them to my Flickr pages, along with the programme from the June 12, 1981 Simon Fraser Elementary School Round-up reunion, held just before the 1909 school building was demolished.

Principals from 1911 on were:

Mr. E. CASPELL 1911-1932
Mr. S. D. MEADOWS 1932-1943 & 1945-1955 - retired 1955
Mr. H. T. GAMEY 1943-1945
Mr. W. D. FRANKLIN 1955-1958
Mr. C. A. WARE 1958-1966
Mr. L. P. ROGERS (no relation) 1966-1968
Mr. N. SANFORD 1968-1974
Mr. J. A. DOWNS 1974-1981

The City of Vancouver Archives has scanned a W. J. Moore photograph showing the Simon Fraser Elementary School building in 1912? The school opened in 1909 and looks pretty new in this photograph.

Search the scanned photographs for 'Simon Fraser Elementary'
CVA identification: 'Add.MSS 54 REF. #SGN 1009'

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