Monday, February 07, 2005


Since I'm working up a presentation about developing genealogical websites,
I thought I'd give a couple of the 'free' commercial genealogy sites a go. (Yes, that's what jogged me to start this Blog, too.)

Just set up my website at TribalPages, the

"SCOTT family: Muiravonside, Dalmeny, Tushielaw, Galashiels, Grangemouth, in Scotland"

TribalPages seems a very well organized & easy facility to use. It's been on-line since July 2000 & appears to have lots of happy customers. (Pity about the spelling mistakes though, & the automatic identification of me as a webmaster.)
You can download a GEDCOM if you want, but I've chosen to focus on my SCOTT family, so I'm just adding all these individuals in one by one & seeing how the process works.
I've added 10 pictures so far, & that's using up 4% of my free it won't be long before I have to think about the upgrading options.
Still for someone wanting to set up a basic website to store & display their family tree, comments & some pictures, this looks like a good deal, even if you did choose to upgrade to either of the paid options.
So far, the only thing I don't see there is a quick link to send out the webpage URL to all my friends & relatives, like Yahoo has with their photo albums. Maybe TribalPages left this out as it might create a SPAM problem?
Better remember to add a link to my blog on my new website!
M. Diane Rogers

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