Friday, July 18, 2014

Diane's Other Likes - June/July 2014

Here are some other things I've been reading about lately.

I see the Internet Archive blog has noted the death of Zoia Markovna (née Polisar) Horn, librarian activist, 12 July 2014.  Her legacy will live on in the California Library Association's Zoia Horn Intellectual Freedom Award.

Here are a few treat recipes from the olden days in "Cookie Anyone" from historical novelist, Lynn Coleman's 19th Century Historical Tidbits:

Many of Canada's volunteers have found themselves working to comply with CASL, Canada's new legislation regarding commercial e-mail messages. (I won't say it's anti-spam because it isn't.)
Michael Geist has a pair of very reasonable articles on this. Yes, Michael, I can't disagree with most of what you say – but while this legislation is hitting some cute little homegrown mice with sledgehammers, the most annoying spam fills up our in boxes as usual. Part 1 - 9 July 2014 ; Part 2 – 10 July 2014

A bit of historical BC fun from The Tyee, a selection from Adrian Raeside's 30 years of political cartoons. There's been lots of sad, annoying and downright maddening news lately, but one thing about British Columbians, we've been making fun of ourselves at least since Amor de Cosmos was our leader (1872). The cartoons are in The Best of Adrian Raeside: A Treasury of BC Cartoons (Harbour Publishing, 2014).

And finally, for all those who say to me, 'don't worry, Diane, someday I'll write down these family stories of mine', Valerie Hughes's article, “I Thought I'd Have More Time!” may convince you that some things just can't wait:

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