Friday, October 16, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009 - For Climate Change

Bloggers around the world wrote about climate change yesterday for Blog Action Day 2009 - 27,000 posts worth!

See all the identified Canadian blog participants here on the official Blog Action Day - BAD - website.

And here are the genea-bloggers as posted by Thomas MacEntee at the GeneaBloggers website. Thank you, Thomas!

There might be a few more listed as genealogy blogs on the BAD weblist too.

Now - here are just a few of the non-genealogy Canadian blog posts I liked - in no particular order, (Yes, I liked ALL of the genealogy posts!)

Social History Timelines "Action Day: Mapping Ice Melt", Maureen Flynn-Burhoe.

Knitting Is My Boyfriend, "Five Things (that I don’t like to do) to Help the Environment" by Em. Warning - a bit of bad (pun?) language.

Cap Bridge Views, "45 Things You Can Do to Stop Global Warming", from the Capilano Suspension Bridge, North Vancouver.

Dave Ingram's Natural History Blog, "Blog Action Day: At the Edge of the Sea" by Dave Ingram.

Ms Writer: More Musings from Meaford, "Blog Action Day - Climate Change" by Natalie Meaford.

Bird Canada, "Blog for the Boreal", posted by PAT (Patricia Bumstead).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links and for being a part of BAD.
For anyone who doubts climate change please read my blog action day post
Responses to questions and objections on climate change. It's a good place to send your skeptical friends and colleagues — at least as a starting point for whetting their intellectual appetite to learn more (or, as a quick answer to blog comments).

Thomas MacEntee said...

Thanks for mentioning the Blog Action Day 2009 posts - I think we had a good turnout among genealogy bloggers - especially since the theme of climate change isn't one that lends itself easily to a discussion of family history.

M. Diane Rogers said...

You're welcome, Thomas. I certainly appreciate all the time you put into promoting genea-bloggers' activities!