Thursday, September 03, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday - Mum's Flowers

It always seemed to me that my mum had a lot of china - 'millions' of teacups, cake plates, serving bowls, little bitty ornaments. After she was gone, I divided things up and sent my brother half, including half those tea cups.

Yes, I still have my half. At one point, I did spread a whole lot on the table and asked my kids to pick some things. 'Nothing, thank you very much, Mum', they all said. Way too old fashioned for them. But someday these will be back in style, I'm sure.

In the meantime, I do have these two little china flower ornaments out though. I think they are sweet. My mum had them on display, I remember, on the living room side tables in our old house. (But maybe not when we were really little.)

The smaller one, about 6 cm high, is marked as Adderley Floral (?) & Figurine Co. Ltd. Bone China Staffordshire England. The basket is marked 1819 with a point down down < shape. It's about 10.5 cm high.

Now they are in a display cupboard in a bedroom. With them is a little pottery vase that my very favourite daughter made when she was young. It's complete with its own egg carton flowers. Her 3 initials are on the bottom of the vase. Funny - as I know she doesn't like her whole name - which I gave her. Maybe she signed it that way knowing she was making it for me!

Geneabloggers now has a widget displaying all the recent Treasure Chest Thursday posts. If you're a genea-blogger, why not join in? I'm finding participating means I'm paying more attention to my family treasures. Some now do have a written story or two and photographs. Even this week, when I hardly had time to turn around, I remembered Treasure Chest Thursday!


lindalee said...

I'll check for that widget. Your little flower treasures are too too cute and my Hughes' came from Staffordshire...did I get that spelling right??? I love Treasure Chest Thursday.

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