Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday Night Fun - Ann Edwards Staines 1807-1883

See Genea-Musings for the instructions for this Saturday Night Genealogy Fun task.

My Dad was born in 1917, so this year he’d be 92.
Divided by 4, that gives me – 23

#23 in my chart is Ann Edwards.

Here are some facts about her:

She was born in Kelshall, Hertfordshire, England in 1807; died in 1883.

In 1832, she had a daughter of her own, Eliza. Eliza died at 10 years old and is listed in the burials as Eliza Staines-Edwards.

In 1836, Ann married Joseph Staines, an ‘ag lab’.

Their children were:
Joseph, Amos, William, Sarah, James, Sarah Ann (my ggrandma), Mary, and George.

From at least 1851 on, Ann (Edwards) Staines was school mistress in Kelshall and is one of my few relatives to be listed in English directories.

Photos of Kelshall and area, from a 2007 walk by Tim Bertuchi.

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